Bandai Namco unveil new Dark Souls III multiplayer screens


Coming in 2016, Dark Souls III has already stirred quite a bit of interest. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe are ready to stoke that interest further by releasing an array of new screenshots that detail some of the features of the multiplayer element of the incoming title.

Expect to be able to catch glimpses of other in-game players who are facing the same challenges and secrets around every corner, where studying them may give you small hints of where to go and what to do next. Look out for bloodstains on the floor as you go around as they’ll indicate another player’s death. Touching these will show you how the player died, can you avoid the same fate?

You’ll be able to create messages on the ground to help, or hinder, other player’s progress, that choice is entirely up to you. Other players will be able to rate your message as fine or foul though, and each time it’s rated your HP is restored by 50% and the message remains in the world for a longer duration of time. You will also be able to summon another player into your world for co-op gameplay, use embers to temporarily restore the power of the Lord of Cinder giving you the ability to summon white spirits. Look out for Dark Spirits of an online player invading another player’s game, that can introduce dangerous enemies into your game.

Also revealed in these images are The Wandering Knight, The Northern Warrior, The Herald of White and the Academy Assassin. These will all have their own special abilities to look out for, such as the Northern Warrior’s “Warcry” skill that increases the damage of his axe as he goes in for the kill.

Have a look at the gallery of images below and let us know what you think.

Dark Souls III is due out in 2016.



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