Batman: Arkham World Teased At VGA Awards

Mark Hamill, the actor who voices the Joker from the Batman series by Rocksteady Studios (You might also remember him as Luke Skywalker!) has teased viewers and guests of the recent Spike VGA Awards of a new sequel to Arkham City, entitled: Batman: Arkham World.

Hamill who had won Character of the Year for playing the Joker, took to the stage to accept his award and teased “Whoops, Spoilers…” as he held a script titled Batman: Arkham World.

Batman: Arkham World has not been officially announced yet by Rocksteady Studios and it’s unknown if this was just a publicity stunt. If and when the game receives an official announcement, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

If this is indeed true – from the name alone it sounds like the Batman series is set to get even bigger than ever!

In the meantime, why not check out our review of Batman: Arkham City if you don’t own the game already?

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