Battlefield 1 announced

Releases October 21

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A select group of fans were invited to an exclusive event in London’s Fulham Broadway this evening to witness the World Premiere of Battlefield 1:

Epic right? This is set to be Dice’s most immersive title to date, Set on a global scale players will experience the dawn of a world war. You’ll journey around the globe, visit different front lines, from the Italian Alps, mountain forts under siege & cavalry charges in the Arabian desert.

Battlefield 1 will feature a single and multiplayer campaign and will be the most believable world dice has ever built, taking cues from world around them.

EA Access subscribers will get access to the game around the 18th October, three days before the worldwide release. This lucky people heading to EA Play in a months time will access to B1 , which is very exciting. Bring. It. On.

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