Battlefield 4 Beta Access With Latest Medal of Honor Game

Whoever updates the EA Origins online store must be a real pain in the ass for EA Games as it has recently outed an upcoming Battlefield 4 Beta with the pre-order of Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Crysis 3 was also outed in the same way with an official announcement that followed shortly after, so expect officiall Battlefield 4 details to roll in sometime soon – and what a great way to help drive the sales of the latest Medal of Honor game?

What we don’t know yet is what platform Battlefield 4 will be released on – the image via EA Origins is for a PC version of the game, but if Battlefield 4 is set for release on next-gen consoles in the fall of 2013 (maybe) then would Xbox 360 and PS3 owners qualify for beta access?

Hopefully all will be revealed in more detail soon.

Via NeoGaf