Battlefront Drop Zone details land


Recently DICE and EA announced that new mode Drop Zone would feature in the upcoming beta of Star Wars Battlefront, due early October, and now they have lifted the lid on what the mode includes.

Pods fall from the sky in Drop Zone, which has been built from the core mechanics of KOTH. Teams of eight take each other on in a race to get to the crash site of each pod – claiming one scores your team a point, with the first to five (or with the most points after 10 minutes) winning the match. If neither team can secure a pod, then another one crash lands, meaning there are two to fight over.

There’s more to pods than just picking up a point for your team – each capture rewards you with the contents held within – power pickups! As the pod begins to open, another will hit the ground, and this is where team tactics come into play – how many of your team do you leave to wait for the pod prizes inside, and how many do you send off to the new crash site?

Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall’s favourite level of  Drop Zone is the Swamp Crash site on Endor:

The map has a couple of nice choke points but is overall very free-flowing and hectic, as enemies can attack from anywhere on that level. The fight takes place around a crashed GR-75 transport ship with containers from the craft strewn across the landscape, and there’s one section with a waterfall overlooked by an Ewok village, where you have to jump down into the pool below in order to claim the pod, hoping no one’s hiding in the trees above waiting to pick you off.

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