Battlefront’s Fighter Squadron swoops in


The subject of air combat has been the subject of a heated debate among fans of Battlefront, with DICE adamant that the much-loved Space Battles wouldn’t be coming to their version of Battlefront. They have however got something else up their sleeve – Fighter Squadron – 20 player aerial battles with skies full of X-wings and A-wings versus Tie fighters and Tie interceptors. There’s even AI pilots flying around, so expect one heck of an action-packed game mode.

The objective is simple – get to the kill score limit before the opposing team, with extra points available if you can destroy the enemy team’s transport shuttle. Each ship has a unique ability, and there are numerous powerups strewn around each map, including a special powerup that allows you to pilot the iconic Millennium Falcon or Boba Fett’s Slave-1.

It’s not Space Battles, but surely after watching the brand new trailer below you can’t help but be excited for Fighter Squadron!

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