Be Careful With Glitch – Demo’s Become Full Purchases Costing You Money

Xbox 360

A glitch has been found on the marketplace that could accidentally unlock you a full game whilst you originally intended to download a demo. In a video captured by Giantbomb, they show just how the glitch works and what NOT to do – so do pay attention!

If you click on a marketplace link for a trial before logging in to, the marketplace link will switch to the full paid version after the login process – so if you’re not all that aware, alert or just not looking at all, you could be charged full price for a game. Microsoft is aware of the glitch and is working on a fix soon.

Quoted by Microsoft to GiantBomb:

“We are aware of this issue and the team is actively working to resolve it… We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. "We apologise for any inconvenience"
    Yeah, inconvenience doesn't really describe it, that really should not be a glitch in the first place.

    I trust that they're rolling out some sort of plan to reimburse those affected?

  2. what like they did with the gamers who got wrongly hardware banned even when ms said we banned you by accident? they didnt reimburse those affected who went out and brought another xbox360 cause they were told by ms in a paki voice once u r hardware banned u cannot get unbanned.

    did ms pay out the cost of new consoles to them??? no they didnt just 1 or 3 months xboxlive gold and 1400 mspoints, so according to ms a new xbox costs same as a 3 month xboxlive card and 1400 ms points even tho they paid out anywhere from 175-250 for a console.

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