Beach Buggy Racing review

Beach Buggy Racing won’t set the racing world alight, but there is plenty of content to discover that will keep you coming back.

The game has made the transition from the touch devices to consoles, and if you have played on iOS or Android you’ll notice that all the micro transactions have disappeared. The aim of Beach Buggy Racing is simple, race to win, recruit other drivers and win some more. As you progress through the different events you’ll earn Angry Birds style stars, depending on how many you get at the end of each race determines how many coins you receive. As you earn more stars you’ll unlock new events.

beachbuggy1Events include you standard races and time trials, as well as a one-on-one event against one of the unlockable drivers, beat them, and they will join your team which allows you to race as them whenever you choose. Each driver as a special ability that can be used once per race, Leilani for example releases as line of flowers that if you get caught in slow you right down.

Any coins you earn can be used to upgrade the different vehicles available to you, as you improve your car you’ll eventually unlock the faster 1000cc classes which improves the racing experience significantly. You can upgrade the car across four categories, Acceleration, Top Speed and Damage. It will take a long time to upgrade all the cars, so prepare for a grind. Each vehicle can be painted with two colours and a choice of pattern too, imagine my surprise as I sat my 6 year old down to play, every race meant a colour change, so there is hours of fun if that’s how you want to play,.

The cars handle well although the steering isn’t very responsive and saw me going of course more often that I Should have, this does improve when driving the faster vehicles though. The game makes you work hard to get to a stage where you can enjoy the faster vehicles.


Vector Unit have made a nice looking game, with some nice looking worlds to drive through, the lighting and water effects are impressive, especially when driving during the sunset/night time levels, each track has shortcuts to discover and take advantage of and there are plenty of achievements for smashing into objects as you race around, like crabs and seagulls.

The racing itself is pretty predictable, early on it’s fairly straightforward and as you upgrade your car things become more difficult, if you get too far ahead you get punished by your openers amazing ability to smash you with a power-up, normally on the final straight! The Power-ups are fairly standard with a few unique ones that are actually pretty good, my favourite is the ability to crack Earth’s core in two to cause all sorts of chaos, others include missiles and the ability to make all cars lose control for 10 seconds.

One feature I wasn’t expecting was 4 player split-screen action. It works really well and is much more entertaining as you aren’t at the mercy of the Ai and the rubber banding. It’s perfect for sticking the youngsters in front of the TV top play with their friends, it’s no Mario Kart but it’s still good fun.


The achievements will keep you going back, they are fairly simple as they only require you to hit things, Seagulls Crabs, Stalls, the trouble is they all really slow you down when racing so that’s worth remembering if you are trying to win 3 stars on a level.

Beach Buggy Racing is going to break any sales records, but it’s a colourful, fun competent racer that is perfect to play with younger ones and for a quick 20 minutes, a little bit like an iOS game really…

Thanks to Xbox for supporting TiX

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