Beacon announced for Xbox One


An international team of developers, under the moniker, Monothetic, have announced a new sci-fi action roguelike for Xbox One. Called Beacon, the game will ask you to fight, die and mutate to escape a deadly hostile planet and will be released via the ID@Xbox platform.

The game itself plays like a pseudo-3D top-down shooter with randomly generated levels. The idea of the game is to locate your emergency distress beacon and ultimately escape. Along the way, you’ll find weapons and helpful items. You’ll also collect DNA from any enemies you’ve defeated. When you inevitably die you’re given the opportunity to combine the DNA you’ve collected with your own. This will grant you different stats and potentially gameplay altering physical mutations for your next run through.

The developers are aiming to bridge the divide between fast, frenetic action and long-term strategic gaming.

Beacon will be coming to Xbox One, soon.

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