Best Gaming Titles to be Released in 2021

We are smack bang in the beginning of the spring season, meaning we have so much to look forward to over these next few months-gaming titles included! We are in fact on the cusp of some really great gaming titles, meaning this year is just about looking up, in comparison to the crazy show that we have lived in for the past year! Should you be curious about what new games you need to look for, this article will be great to help you plan the next games to tackle for the coming season. Believe us when we tell you, we have a lot coming your way, so make sure you continue reading on!

Now console gaming is a separate must in its own right. You will find that the best casino sites can actually do something for you too, when considering iGaming titles to play. Either way you are completely in charge here to do with your entertainment as you will. This article has provided you the best of both worlds, so make sure you check both options we have provided thoroughly.

Pokémon Snap 

Pokémon Snap is a game that is expected to be released on April 30th this year, meaning it is a month away from being played on our consoles. The reason why this game has a bit of a fan base leading up to the release is the fact the last time this game was released was in the year 1999. You will find that being over two decades since the last release, many fans will be hopeful of the game quality and the graphics in particular. 

As you travel through the regions, you will come to see over 200 species of Pokémon, in addition to liaising with the Professor Mirror himself. This game should hopefully not disappoint, as going from the N64 to the Nintendo Switch should most definitely be a big jump graphically and technologically. Bring on April 30th, right?


PS5 is out obviously, meaning gamers will welcome releases to play on their console. Returnal is exclusive to the PS5 console, and has been noted as a huge budget gaming title for this year. The graphics alone seem breath-taking and really cutting edge, if you happen to have watched the trailer already, you will know. In addition to this, the gaming theme is all Sci-Fi, meaning there will be plenty to crack on with while you play. Did we mention that you will be stuck in a time loop as you play, meaning you should definitely prepare yourself for some horror and palpitating heart moments as you play? It gives off Prometheus vibes too, so Sony have definitely outdone themselves here completely. Oh, by the way, this one is out at the end of April, so add that to your calendar folks!

Resident Evil Village 

Resident Evil is one of those gaming series that never get old. In fact, the story lines are so impressive for each and every release, that as soon as a new game is announced via press release, everyone wants all the details. Following the great success of Resident 7, developers have commented on how much frightening this game is; and players should most definitely prepare themselves to be shaken slightly. One thing we know is, this game will be bigger, better and far scarier. Developers have promised their fans some content that will keep them tied to the edge of their seat. So just make sure that you are fully prepared for what is about to come. Resident Evil Village is set to hit our consoles on the 7th of May. The game will be exclusively available to PS4, PS5, Xbox One (XIS) and PC.


Deathloop is the new movement for IP from Arkane Studios. This game is a breath of fresh air, after the huge focus on Dishonoured the past few years. The game’s theme will entail you being an assassin whose job is to kill the visionaries that have trapped you within a time loop. You will find that these visionaries all over the island that you are, so be cautious, as there are 8 in total that you will need to terminate within the game. It will be either hunt, or be hunted!

This game will only be available on PS5 and Xbox, and you will be able to grab it on May 7th, how exciting!

Knockout City 

Knockout City should be very familiar to you if you have been a fan of previous releases. The new game has a similar theme and vibe to it, meaning you should not find this too hard to pick up for yourself. In addition to this, the game is quite futuristic, meaning anyone should find this pretty easy to settle with, we would say. This game also supports multiplayer, which is a nice treat too, especially when you combine the fact that it is available across a multiple of consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and PS5, in addition to Xbox One and XIS series. When is it out you ask? May 21st should be the day you can nab it online or at your local gaming store, make sure you save the date.

Final Fantasy 7: Intergrade 

Final Fantasy is a franchise that has been loved for decades. Right back to the days when we played on PS1! Now, we face the times when it has been unleashed on the latest console series PS5, and best thing yet is, it is a remake of the game which existed previously for other consoles. So, if you were a player who enjoyed Final Fantasy 7, this is your chance to relive it on the new and improved version-4K baby!

You will play as the character Yuffie, which is a favourite of quite a few hard-core Final Fantasy fans out there. Best thing about this game release is, you will not need to wait for too long at all. This game is out on June 10th, and considering we have lived through a pandemic for too long, call this game your reward and remedy for your consistent patience.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 

Ratchet and Clank was unfortunately delayed from way back in 2020. Of course, we have the pandemic to blame for that, yet this game series was not the only one to have suffered such consequences. Ratchet and Clank is a game that has been exclusively made on PS5, meaning those who have managed to nab a console, will have some great content to look forward to. It is said that the game is the best yet from the series, and that players are in for quite a treat when the day of release, June 11 comes around.

Mario Golf Super Rush 

Mario sports games are something of a tradition by now. There have been many games which have made it across various Nintendo consoles, including gaming collaborations with Square Enix themselves. So, Mario has been a journey in the making, with new titles coming out often, that we do not miss Mario for too long. Now we have approached the release of Mario and golf, giving us a little bit more than what we got from the sport during the Winter Olympics series. Super Rush is a step up from that however, here you will get multiplayer mode that can utilise your Mii as well as other characters within the game. Just hang on tight until June 27th, and you shall find that the game should hopefully not disappoint you!

Legend of Zelda 

Legend of Zelda is another game that has been long in the making, right? Nintendo have decided to revive one of the old games from 2011, and bring it forward with multiple adaptations for Switch. This game will not only be better visually, you will be playing this game at 60 frames per-second, meaning the game should be very entertaining. The game also uses Amiibo support, meaning you can use the Joy-Cons to control your shield and sword within the game, to get right in there. Just make sure you hold on for a little bit, as this will not be on your screens for another 4 months, being that it comes out on July the 16th!

No More Heroes 3

The last game to be announced within our lists, is the No More Heroes 3. This game is a hit and slash kind of game, one that has built an allegiance already within the gaming community. You will find that it has been able to really generate some serious hype online, back from the day of the first game release on Wii during 2008. While this third game in the series was supposed to be out far more sooner, it unfortunately had to be put back a little due to the pandemic and the delays that pressed on developers. We are here to tell you that you will not need to wait much longer, as the game is officially out to be played on the 27th of August. So, just wait that little bit longer and it will be yours!





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