Big Star Games announce Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Reservoir Dogs

If you ask someone what their favourite movies of the 1990s were, you can pretty much bet that there’ll be a Quentin Tarantino film in there. Of the many movies he’s made, Reservoir Dogs is fondly remembered and often quoted. Good news for all gaming Tarantino fans. Big Star Games have teamed up with Lionsgate to announce that a Dogs game will head, firstly to Steam, then make a very welcome appearance on Xbox One.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will follow the criminal exploits of six perfect strangers, Mr Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. White, Mr. Orange and Mr. Brown. The game promises to combine all of the drama and tension of the movie with a unique ‘Time Rewind’ game mechanic.

The game is a top-down action-shooter with a level of strategy involved. Players will be able to rewind time to control each and every tactical move and splattering shot for all members of the team. Every time the clock is turned back, the outcome of the heist hangs in the balance as each Reservoir Dog plays their role in finishing the job and completing the bloody escape.

Take on the role of any of the memorable six main protagonists as they embark on several heists based on the iconic movie. Using ‘Time Back’ combat, players will need to rob, shoot and provide cover fire with the star-studded cast of characters as they approach each of the fast-paced, bombastic action scenes and navigate the game’s dramatic twists.

Big Star Games’ CEO, Liam Patton;

As huge fans of Reservoir Dogs, we’re very focused on creating a highly addictive experience that stays true to the tense, dramatic vibe of this unforgettable movie. By taking control of different characters for overlapping bursts of time, players must utilise the strengths of each squad member to carry out the game’s missions, with every move and shot creating a butterfly effect on the overall outcomes.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will be hitting Steam later this year, with an Xbox One release to follow soon after.


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