Bigben interactive go on the hunt with Hunting Simulator

Ah the hunting genre, and yet with all the shooters out there, it seems such an odd game to make. Yet it hasn’t stopped Cabela releasing hunt after hunt. Someone must buy these games otherwise the sequels would cease, and yet, I am yet to meet anyone who actually plays these games.

Bigben Interactive must see some potential in the genre because they have set their sights firmly on portraying a ‘true-to-life’ hunting experience – whatever that means – and are bringing Hunting Simulator to consoles, offering a ‘whole new experience’…

From the Rockies of Colorado to the forests of France and the freezing plains of Alaska, realistic AI animals are waiting to be hunted – it sounds a bit brutal doesn’t it! – in total there are 35 species of animals to hunt across 12 locations, and there’s even online co-op so you can share your hunt with a friend.

I’ve never seen the appeal in hunting games, the closest I’ve come is playing the excellent Far Cry, so can Bigben win me over? I doubt it, but it will be fun to see how this game is received.

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