Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode One Review


Irrational Games already had an absolute winner with the experience of Bioshock Infinite alone. Their first piece of single player DLC was always going to be a big seller, and many clamouring for their DLC after buying the season pass, it was time. All Irrational games had to do to make the general public giddy with excitement, was mention one word. One name rather, Rapture. So what with the game taking its glorious return to the where it all began, it was time to see if it could live up to the name, and to the expectations of the many who hold Bioshock in the highest regard.

So onto the content itself. Burial At Sea is set just before Rapture becomes the underwater haven that we know it as today, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth are back together again for the adventure of a lifetime. Their mission is to find a missing young girl known only as ‘Sally’. Booker is well established in this implied alternate timeline in Rapture. He’s known as a bit a sleuth, a private detective that takes on any contract. Elizabeth is more of a mystery, much as she is in the single player campaign. Elizabeth has been given a wonderful fifties makeover. Complete with an elegantly fiendish looking outfit and cigarette. There are some characters and cameos you may recognise, but when I saw them I was pleasantly surprised. So I shan’t be ruining it for any of you fine folk.


Gameplay offers much of the same in the way of weapons and vigors. The return of splicers does add to the excitement somewhat. Not that it changes much of the gameplay, it’s just feels good to dive right in at these bastards again. Ammunition is quite scarce here. This leaves you to come up with creative ways of tangling wih your foes. Such as luring them to a wet patch and using Shock Jockey to send several thousand volts of electricity to their brains. This section of the review is of course short. As I’ve said, there’s nothing new here. We’ve all played this before, it works well and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Rapture looks just as stunning as it always has. Fans of Bioshock 1 and 2 will feel completely at home here. I spent as much time looking out of the windows and staring at the damp décor or Rapture as I did the first time I played the original Bioshock. Rapture as it always has been, is a marvel to experience.image_307100_16x9_940

For all my cries of “it’s very samey”, I don’t feel as though I was cheated out of a good experience while playing Burial At Sea. The story is fantastic, the graphics and the setting are wonderful as ever, gameplay although the same is solid to its core. The only area where this truly falters is its length. With minimal exploration, it can take less than an hour and a half to get through the entire thing. Although if you choose to play it in the true Bioshock way, it can take a lot longer. There is of course a lot to see, many audio files and bits of gear to find sprawled around the wet landscape. To sum it up in a sentence, Burial At Sea – Episode One is a good piece of DLC. It’s very short, but that is compensated for by the excellent narrative. The size of the content isn’t worth its price, I’m afraid. But it is still an excellent piece of work to play through. I can’t wait for episode two.


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