Bioshock Infinite Reviewers


Since the embargo for Bioshock Infinite has now been lifted, here is a review round-up of some of the latest scores to hit the net. Bioshock Infinite, developed by Irrational Games as published by 2K Games launches worldwide on Tuesday 26th March. The game has so far received an enormous amount of positivity with a score of 10/10 from some media websites and a welcoming Metacritic score of 96/100 at the time of editing this post.

IGN – 9.4/10 – referring to it as AMAZING, with a Rich, satisfying story containing luscious art direction, Myriad of combat options and how Elizabeth matters to both story and gameplay. IGN felt the game was a little padded in the middle.

GameStar Magazine – 90/100 – referring to Elizabeth as a lovable companion in a brilliant game world. Keeps you excited to the end with philosophical depth. They also said it was very easy and questionable endings.

PopBucket – 10/10 – “is quite simply one of the best games” ever played with combat that “has substantially improved over the original”

Eurogamer – 10/10 – “Both combat and exploration are the leanest in the series to date” whilst adding that “BioShock Infinite doesn’t blur the lines between your reality and the game’s to quite the same extent as its predecessor, but it’s a more complete and polished story…”

Destructoid – 10/10 – “Bioshock Infinite has its successes and its falterings consistent with any suitably complex piece of interactive entertainment. As a story, as an exercise in drawing the player into a believable and relevant world, as proof of exactly what a videogame can mean to a person.”

Game Informer – 10/10 – “Infinite is more than a new setting, story, and characters; those elements are seamlessly integrated with complex themes, a mysterious plot, and entertaining combat to create an amazing experience from beginning to end.”

Polygon – 10/10 –  “BioShock Infinite lives up to the promise of its legacy, and it looks poised to establish a new one. ”

OXM – 9/10 – “This is a game that smashes the concept of time travel into the quantum theory of an infinite – and constantly growing – number of coexisting universes. Some of it works perfectly – you’ll devise your own theories as to why that statue swapped sexes at the beginning. At other points, the plot bends bizarrely in a way that seems designed simply to allow for a boss battle.”

CVG – 9.1/10 – “Columbia is one of the most intriguing, best-realised game settings of this generation, and the characters it houses are as captivating as the blimps and parades and artificial beaches that line the streets.”

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