Black Ops 2 Confirmed By Amazon France

We all knew it was coming… and our instincts were semi-confirmed when we heard the news that Activision had snapped up the domain: Now it seems that Amazon France has outed the game before Activsion and Treyarch… and Activision France are not pleased!

According to, Amazon’s Black Ops 2 listing was shown very briefly yesterday before being removed. When asking Activision France about Black Ops 2,  Gameblog claim they were asked to remove the story and has since been blacklisted by the publishing giant. Other french news sites who ran the story are also claiming to be blacklisted, but we can not confirm if it is ‘sheep mentality’ or actually true…

The recent Amazon listing wasn’t the only mention of Black Ops 2, as a LinkedIn (via Joystiq) resume/CV belonging to an employee at Nerve Software, which does contract work for Treyarch has the game listed too.

So, there’s no official announcements from Activision just yet even though it’s never been the best kept secret in town.

We’ll keep you updated on any new developements when we hear anything.

(via VG247)

Thanks to Zan Toplisek for the tip


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