Black Ops 2 for Nov 13th – 3 SKU’s Premium Priced Elite Edition?

FNAC, the International Retailer chain for entertainment products has listed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for release this November, and another little bonus comes our way from a leak via a Manager for one of the UK’s leading game retailers.

No specific story details about the sequel to Treyarch’s biggest Call of Duty title to date were outed other than an as-predicted Fall release. It’s quite common for the first scans and plot information about Call of Duty games to hit gaming magazines first roughly every May time, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks.

New details leaked to us today state that this years iteration will be released in Standard, Hardened and for the first time ever an “ELite Edition” with an RRP of £49.99, £69.99 and £99.99 respectively in the UK on November 13th 2012. This replaces the Prestige Edition, but is set at a higher price than Modern Warfare 3’s Hardened Edition which included the Elite Subscription bundle and other content for £79.99. Presumably the Hardened Edition for this years game will contain bonus in-game content, booklets and a keep-sake – the Elite Edition will provide a few more unannounced Elite extra’s with an added one year subscription for the Elite service included.

The code name for this year’s Call of Duty from Treyarch is “IRONWOLF” and listed as this on all retailer documents, but the title of Black Ops 2 has not been officially announced, written or confirmed anywhere. Retailers in the UK are expecting to open Pre-orders for this years Call of Duty on Friday May 4th 2012.

It is now right to assume from the new information that FNAC, and Amazon France having received the same pricing documents outlining three upcoming SKU’s have made an assumption on the title of Black Ops 2 – so I wouldn’t start getting your hopes up just yet for a full blown sequel, it still could be something new and unexpected.

We’ll keep you updated when any more new information is received.

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