Black Ops 2 is Real – Confirmed Release Date Nov 13 2012

Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is officially confirmed now via marketing material which has a release date printed as November 13th 2012 as IGN have uncovered.

We, here at were aware of Black Ops 2 and the release date thanks to a trusted tip off as far back as March 1st, as reported here. We were also informed that there will be 3 SKU’s this year, Standard, Hardened and for the first time a pricey Elite Edition. This however, has not yet been confirmed, and we’re heavily interested to see if our tipster brought home a double whammy… maybe when Activision officially show some parts of the game on May 1st – details of the editions could come to light?

In the image obtained by IGN as shown below, the release date, game title, and new logo is confirmed on the material shown in the image below. Clicking the image will take you to the original IGN report page.

Black Ops 2 has been one of the worst kept secrets in gaming history having been leaked to us by a well known retailer, leaked to other sites via printers who are printing promotional material – and maybe, just maybe Activision could learn from their marketing mistakes.¬†Announcing the game before approving and sending off material to be printed for retailers to showcase it’s pre-order in future; this was begging to be leaked the minute the posters, cards and box art came off the printing press!


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  • Joe

    Wow! Thank you! Now all I need to do is wait to kick some zombie butt!

  • I wonder if Zombies will be back this year though. Wouldn't be all that surprised if they introduced Spec Ops to Black Ops 2 too.

    New logo is a redesign so I think it signifies a change…it may be black ops 2, but it could be absolutely nothing like the first whatsoever…

  • Kjhflaksdflakjdh

    isnt thisisxbox hot shit? they knew for almost 2 months!

  • oh the sarcasm… linking to previous reports is pretty common just about everywhere…

    Hot shit indeed… keep your hands well back…

  • Zombies is to popular for them to do away with it.

  • I think Activision are smart enough not to send things off for printing unless they definitely want people to talk about it.

    There's no way they did this without the intention of having it leaked. Why on Earth would they print material for a game that is so far away, it's MADNESS. They don't usually encourage pre orders this early either, so yeah, definitely intentional if you ask me.

    (Also – am I the only person who really isn't that fussed about Black Ops 2?)

  • Kokokokokok

    Stfu your just a dumb bitch. No one gives a fuck about your life, go make a sandwich.

  • She's probably right though… and I didn't see where she talked about her life hmmmm… and I know she isn't dumb…

  • *you're

    Judging by your astoundingly terrible grammar skills and your lack of comprehension (as Jason pointed out, I didn't refer to my life) I can see that you aren't really in a position to be commenting on anyone else's intelligence, bless you for trying though!