Black Ops 2 – Vengeance Map Pack Review


Activision has released the third ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Map Pack onto the marketplace this week with a “Vengeance” following on from previous packs that are “Revolution” and “Uprising”. Adding another four multiplayer maps to the roster of multiplayer matches with an additional truly fantastic Zombie playground by the name of “Buried” it ensures that the game can never go stale – well at least not for July! As well as all of the DLC Maps there is for the second time a new DLC weapon, but for Zombies only – the RayGun Mark II is available for use in every Zombie Map!

Here’s a rundown of all the content you can play through with the Black Ops 2 Vengeance Map Pack available now for 1200 MS Points.


Kicking off on the multiplayer side of things I’m going to start by describing a little sunshine island hideaway by the name of Cove. This map is quite small in comparison to most others featuring rippling waves, beautiful palm trees and the setting could instantly reminded you of ‘Dead Island Riptide’ a little or even ‘Far Cry 3’ – the island within Cove is designed really well for most objective based games such as Capture the Flag & HardPoint where both teams are aiming for the one point on the map, but for Team Deathmatch, there are too many hiding spots, sneaky corners and with a full lobby of gamers this can easily feel like you’re being spawn trapped. There’s no escape anywhere, so to me it’s a nightmare of an island in gameplay, but it’ll make you feel like you should be on holiday with its tropical island visuals at the very least. I was impressed with the setting, but a bit disappointed with the small map size. I know it’s an island, but bigger would have been better!


Another re-imagined fan-favourite map from the original Black Ops has returned; with the last map pack we had the opportunity to revisit ‘Firing Range’ as a new fully formed movie studio – and in the Vengeance collection of maps we take a trip down memory lane with ‘Summit’, the old snowy map in the Russian mountains with the cable car hanging on the edge tempting you to make a jump!  Summit is now under the new name of Uplink in Black Ops 2, a futuristic mountain top facility that is possibly the closest you’ll get to see of Halo in Call of Duty. Everything about this map is screaming Halo – largely because it’s a very futuristic environment with military settings and a few shades of blue and grey through-out, but you will be a little overwhelmed by its shiny Halo 3 resemblance! The cable car still hangs nicely only now as a futuristic crane instead, and you’ll still feel a need to try that jump! The design feels as though all the snow in Summit has melted and it’s a fantastic map that was a favourite of mine on the original Black Ops, so I am thrilled to see its return in a whole new skin. It looks better than ever and great for any game type.


The Detour map very much feels like a true part of Black Ops 2 because It in-part resembles a section of the main campaign where you need to escort the President. On Detour there are cars on an ambushed futuristic bridge everywhere – as in literally scattered everywhere in a huge pile up. Each team will start on either side of the bridge which is in wreck and ruin from the effects of war damage and you can battle it out for domination on top of or just under it. As annoying as maps go – this has to be ‘THE’ most irritating map of all in the new DLC, hands-down it beats Cove for getting spawn trapped and there’s not much in the way of anything great visually. It’s hard to spot enemy soldiers as they blend in very well with the vehicle colourings and to make it even worse there is hardly anywhere to hide – or at least it feels that way! Most definitely the worst map on Black Ops 2 of all time right now. It is not great for any game mode and you are absolutely guaranteed to be furious. Detour is one to be taken with blood pressure tablets. Vote to skip all the way.


The final multiplayer map for regular online matches is Rush, which has been set up and designed as a fun paintball arena with an equal mix of internal and external hide-outs to stalk your enemy. It’s easy to wish your weapon actually shot paint on this medium sized map which is perfect for mid-range battles. Rush is to Vengeance as Grind was to the Revolution Map Pack – it’s bright, fun, funky and feels like a novelty playground for a fun game of Team Deathmatch.  This has to be my favourite original map within the Vengeance DLC because it offers enough hiding to spots to remain hidden with the ability to spot oncoming enemies in the distance, and it also puts you into a situation where you can’t really spend a lot of time camping. As an anti-camping map, it’s fantastic and there are many directions where you could be faced with the enemy team as you battle through the grounds, offices, shop and little wooden hide-outs.


Zombies is still as-ever-popular for Treyarch’s take on the Call of Duty franchise, and whilst I am more in favour of Infinity Ward’s Spec-Ops additions to Zombies, the new playground by the name of ‘Buried’ is a great gameplay experience and one of the better maps for this mode than any other DLC Black Ops 2 Zombie experience. The setting is that of a buried Wild West town, laden with objectives and secrets, collectibles, and a huge Giant locked up underground. If you hear screams of “Don’t shoot the giant” or something along those lines if in multiplayer – DON’T SHOOT! His help is greatly needed, but getting his assistance involves finding a key to unlock him. If he’s hurt he will only return to his cell and you need to find a key – again! The new Perk is ‘Vulture Aid’ where you can see all pick-ups on the map and use it to earn a ton of points, however Buried features some mean Witches who will swipe your points so be careful of the presence when you encounter them. As will all Zombies Maps, there’s now a range of new Achievements to be had as you aim to complete mini-objectives to aid your survival down there. I wasn’t able to complete Buried, but in comparison to all the other Zombie maps for Black Ops 2, I really enjoyed this one more. I like it’s theme and prefer its maze of scenery – not to mention the new Paralyzer Weapon that can diminish a horde within seconds!

As a complete package you get two really great multiplayer maps with Rush and UpLink – and the best Zombies map to date with Buried. It’s a real shame that Cove is so small and Detour is so awful, but overall it’s still a worthy package for 1200 MS Points.

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