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Black ops 3 classes – it’s a scrubs life

I have become death, the destroyer of scrubs

Call of Duty returned to us once again in November ’15 and this edition has certainly recaptured some of what was lost in the last two iterations in my opinion (you are of course welcome to your own). I find myself feverish if I haven’t played it for an hour or so and my addiction levels to this title are sky high. So it’s with bleary eyes from staying up until 5am (sorry boss, but you know, COD) that I am writing this. I have already racked up some significant time in Black Ops 3 something which I am sure many of you have also done, judging by the leader boards, and for many of you (not you pro players or objective fiends) team death match is a home away from home (most evenings 50% of the on-line player base is in TDM) I know it’s my favourite playlist, probably because I’m a lazy gamer who likes to just shoot things. Capture what? Nah mate, I’m here for the sweet sweet kills (just kidding, I definitely play the objective when I am in an objective game mode)

I’ve put together a collection of classes from different play styles to help those of you who may be looking for little direction in setting up custom classes. Now, again to re-iterate, I am no pro (that’s tough to admit, there dies another dream) but I have a healthy enough 2.30 KD in TDM and a score per minute of 361. If your numbers are better than mine I’m not sure what I can offer you. If however you are a ‘forever negative’ player or looking to nudge up closer to the 2.0 KD then maybe a few class changes can help you with your play style. Do you know your style? did you even think you have one? well maybe one of these styles suits you.

What's outside like?
What’s outside like?

Rush class – Run and Gun

Get out of my way dude, I’ve a battle to sprint to! This play style is as it sounds, getting into the fray quickly, with close quarters weapons and rapid movement. This is dominated by shotguns (of which I am not a fan) and SMGs but a few wild card players are running with secondary’s lined up instead (the MR6 just wastes people) I have here for you three classes which revolve around rushing.

Rushing is a bit of an art form in itself, it isn’t just blind sprinting with a quick draw hoping to win those 50-50’s. A few thoughts into how you rush will make all the difference. Get amongst them, get to the front line or around the back as unnoticed as possible and then lay waste at close – medium range. Hard wired keeps you safe from those pesky trip mines and shocks, sixth sense gives you that last minute warning when you’re in amongst them, whilst ghost and blast suppressor keep you off the mini map until you’re peppering them in the back or Gung-Ho if you just want to tear it up gangsta with some hip-fire action. Dead silence is also a pretty valid option if you like to be super sneaky.

The first two follow a similar format with a couple of option changes, I’ve gone for a full perk set-up on one (trusting in my primary skills) and then added some grenades on the other (for when the first isn’t working). Both are for up close and personal carnage. Now the attachments are up to you and I would encourage you to try them all out as they will alter the gun in different ways, find what’s comfortable for you, but you can’t go wrong with a Grip and Quickdraw as a starting point. The last one is a primary only class for those who like the extra attachments and nothing else.

Complementing Specialists: Overdrive, Kinetic Armour, Glitch, Heatwave, Gravity spikes – all of these support fluid movement and will aid in the play style. (other specialists will work, but personally I feel these ones go well with a rush style as to not break your flow)

My go to class at the moment
my go to class at the moment

Primary: Razorback SMG, ELO, Quickdraw

Perk 1: Sixth sense, Overclock, Perk 2: Hardwired, Tracker, Perk 3: Gung-Ho

Wildcards: perk 1 greed, perk 2 greed

Trusty Kuda
Trusty Kuda

Primary: Kuda, Grip and Quickdraw, Lethal: Frag grenade, Tactical: Concussion,

Perk 1: Ghost, Sixth sense, Perk 2: Hardwired, Perk 3: Blast suppressor

Wildcards: Perk 1 greed

Barebones, just give me a gun
Barebones, just give me a gun

Primary: ELO, Ext’ mags + Longbarrel + Fast mags + Grip + Silencer

Wildcards: Primary gun fighter 1 + 2 + 3

Support class – Covering fire!

I’ve got a ton of ammo, a big gun and I’m going to nail anything put up the sky by the enemy. The rushers best friend, the anti-uav and a master of drawing enemy fire. They are the distraction we all need. This play style is for the more conservative approach. Taking time, checking out choke points and providing some heavy fire support to the team.

A very important team member, not quite the same as a versatile class but not far from it. this team member role can be pivotal in winning games, taking out enemy score streaks can mean the difference in a tight game and with many classes sacrificing the option for anti-air it is quite frequent that UAV’s and like score streaks stay up. Not for this one, AA is their bread and butter and it all counts towards your own streak. Often hanging around overlooking choke points, or bringing up the rear behind the rushers these class set-ups are perfect for supporting roles.

Two more for you here, both offer anti-air for team support and score streak points, one is for holding and controlling choke points, flak jacket and tactical mask for whatever is thrown at you and scavenger for topping up your lethals and tacticals. The other is for the supporting gunner on the hunt to interrupt specialists and score streaks, blind eye keeps you free from air fire, fast hands for getting that weapon up and swapping between, and engineer gives the extra vision to track those pesky score streaks down.

Complimenting Specialists – War-machine, Hive, Sythe (supporting the plays style the classes are built towards)

Call of Duty® Black Ops III (3)
Solid accuracy for an LMG

Primary: Dingo, ELO and Grip, Secondary: Blackcell, Lethal: C4, Tactical: Shock charges

Perk1: Flak Jacket, Perk 2: Scavenger, Perk 3: Tactical mask

The Dredge is a force to be reckoned with
The Dredge is a force to be reckoned with

Primary: 48 Dredge, ELO and Grip, Secondary: Blackcell, Lethal: Frag Grenade, Tactical: EMP’s

Perk1: Blindeye, Perk 2: Fast Hands, Perk 3: Engineer

Sniper – I see you over there

Give me a good line of sight and some shock charges and I’ll give you over watch. Sniping in call of duty is a quite different from the kind you in see in other shooters like Battlefield, its much quicker and you need to have your head on a swivel with multiple entry to any of the sniper vantage points. Not to mention a steady aim and a quick trigger finger. If you want to be successful it’s about relocating as much as camping a good sniper spot, hang around the same point for too long and you’ll be caught with your pants down.

Again, here are a couple of classes for you. One is a more slow and steady class, Ghost, Hardwired and Cold Blooded keep you off radar, unaffected by counter UAVs and invisible to the popular thermal scope with Awareness giving you the edge on anyone stomping up behind you and to deal with them you have a handy pistol. Supporting lethal and tactical for sitting out in a vantage point. You may want to swap out one of the tacticals for a silencer if you want to be nearly invisible. Next one for the mobile sniper looking to have some offensive range, but also the option to deal with close range encounters. Ghost again for the UAV’s but with Fast Hands for swapping between your two primary’s quickly in a close quarters situation. Then Awareness again for the audio early warning. Split up on the lethal/tactical set, lethal to chuck down when you are in a fixed position and a concussion for when your on the go.

Complimenting Specialists: Sparrow, Tempest, Annihilator, Hive (more ranged weapons for a sniper, plus one to help with your tent set-up)

Hard hitting range
Hard hitting range

Primary: Locus, Secondary: MR6, Lethal: Trip mine, Tactical: Shock charges

Perk1: Ghost, Perk 2: Cold Blooded, Hardwired, Perk 3: Awareness

Wildcard: Perk 2 greed

For the sniper on the go
For the sniper on the go

Primary: Drakon, Primary 2: Razorback, Lethal: Trip mine, Tactical: Concussion

Perk1: Ghost, Perk 2: Fast Hands, Perk 3: Awareness

Wildcard: Overkill

Versatile class – everybody chill, I got this

If you feel the need to lend a helping hand in all aspects of the gameplay, or just don’t trust anyone on your team to do it, then maybe you want to be a versatile player. Very handy to the team if you can get the balance right. This is about having as many of the bases covered as possible or putting two play styles together to create a hybrid class to deal with the unexpected. I’ve put together a few different class’s to show you some options. There are many ways you can shape up a versatile class and they are handy to have in your custom classes for those games when things just seem a bit more difficult or the enemy is playing in an unpredictable manner. If you’re looking to up your score per minute or add on points in your chase for score streaks these increase your options for attaining points quickly.

Complimentary Specialists – Any! it’s your versatile class, what ever you feel most comfortable with.

solid accuracy, AA and the quick route to specialists

Say no to UAV's
Say no to UAV’s

Primary: ICR, BOA, Grip and High calibre, Secondary: Blackcell,

Perk 1: Ghost, Overclock, Perk 2: Hardwired, Perk 3: Awareness

Wildcard: Perk 1 greed

A nice mid range class, AA and grenades. Perks set-up for quick movement

Comfy all rounder
Comfy all rounder

Primary: XR2, ELO, Grip and Quickdraw, Secondary: Blackcell, Lethal: Frag Grenade, Tactical: EMP

Perk1: Afterburner, Perk 2: Fast Hands, Perk 3: Gung-Ho

For up close and personal assaulting, but range when needed.

Rushing with range
Rushing with range

Primary: KN-44, Quickdraw and Rapid-fire Lethal: Frag grenade, Tactical – Flash,

Perk 1: Ghost, Sixth sense, Perk 2: Hardwired, Perk 3: Blast suppressor

Wildcards: Perk 1 greed

There you have it. A few classes that work for myself and my clan mates in our nightly stomping runs, some of my personal weapon choices or attachments (I do tend to favour a grip) may not work for you. It’s the same feeling as when you pick up someone else’s gun off the floor and think ‘how the hell do they play with this?’ obviously you can sub in the weapons from each class that feel better for you, but the framework is there for you to build on. I have also been a little vague on the specialists, I think they need a section to them selves really, but as a general rule you can play most of them to your style and fit them in as feels comfortable.

Thanks to my clan buddies Bienzedell and Tomcp for contributing

Happy hunting ladies and gentleman.