Black & White Bushido coming to Xbox One

Endemol Shine Group have announced the launch of games developer and publishing label Good Catch, along with their upcoming Xbox One release Black & White Bushido.

Black & White Bushido is already available on PC through Steam but the Xbox One version is set to add online multiplayer, two new difficulty levels, and some gameplay and graphical enhancements.

Black & White Bushido is a 2D brawler for up to four players, taking the gentle game of hide and seek and injecting it with razor sharp samurai swords. Each of Black & White Bushido’s arenas are divided into distinct monochrome sections which the two opposing forces, Team Light and Team Shadow, must use tactically to secure victory. Lurk in the dark or blend into the light before launching an attack on an unsuspecting enemy.

With five different arenas to choose from, players can engage in one of three modes, capture the flag, death match or training, and can play in 4 player local and online multiplayer plus a single player challenge mode.

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