Blazing Badger announce new Xbox One shooter


Blazing Badger, what a great name for a studio. Their very name would have mammal activist and guitar-god Brian May tearing his hair out. They’ve teamed up with publisher, Epic Games, to announce their new twin-stick top-down shooter, AIPD will be hitting the Xbox One later this year.

Blazing Badger are a German Indie developer, headed by Marc Kamradt who has worked on such titles as Settlers, Uncharted, Crysis and Lords of the Fallen. AIPD, Artificial Intelligence Police Department, marks their first independant foray onto the Xbox One.

AIPD will feature a totally customisable game mode designer with over 100,000 potential combinations, adjustable ship loadouts, local co-op and online leaderboards, randomised time challenges and Unreal Engine 4 powered ’80s neon inspired art.

An alpha build of AIPD will be available to play at the Unreal Engine booth, along with the opportunity to speak to some of the developers at GDC in San Francisco next month so if you’re lucky enough to be going, look them up and let us know if this plays as good as it looks.

AIPD is coming to a console near you, and me hopefully, in May this year. Not convinced? Take a look at the action below and decide for yourself.