Blend in as Spy Chameleon


Some of the offerings that are coming out from the ID@Xbox program look really promising. There are some hidden gems to be had from this program and Unfinished Pixel Games’ Spy Chameleon looks like it might be one of them.

Take advantage of your colour-shifting skills by blending into red, green, blue or yellow backgrounds to avoid being spotted as you carry out dangerous missions for the RGB.

The game will feature 5 missions over 75 levels where you’ll discover different enemies and different abilities, with mission objectives ranging from sneaking a photo of a celebrity in the clutches of her lover, to nabbing the formula of a successful soft-drink.

This arcade-puzzler prompts you to watch your enemies and choose the best path, get to the next safe point and plan ahead. The levels could be whizzed through in minutes, or you could spend hours trying to complete all the challenges, beating your friends’ times and completing all the available achievements.

Get spotted, however, and you’ll be the next chameleon-skin wallet, if that’s even a thing.

Spy Chameleon is due for release on Xbox One on the 22nd of May.


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