BlinkBox Dashboard App Just Got Massively Improved

Named earlier this year as possibly the worst Xbox 360 Dashboard App to grace the console by because we absolutely hated the long-winded process used to rent movies; finally a revamp has been unleashed. BlinkBox has updated the process which has now overhauled how the rental system works within the app – it’s a million times better!

Prior an update, in order to watch BlinkBox rental movies on the Xbox 360 you needed to first browse the collection of films for rental or purchase, save them for later, login to your PC or laptop if it’s not on already (or nearby), sign in to BlinkBox on the internet, top up your account with credits, browse to your saved titles and then finally hit the RENT options!

Now – it’s a very straightforward process that just involves picking a film via the App which has many of the latest releases available to stream instantly on the same day as their Blu-ray and DVD release, and absolutely no subscription required. In addition to all the new releases, blinkbox has a library of over 10,000 titles of quality movies and TV shows to choose from – that’s 10 times the size of Netflix UK’s catalogue and double that available through LOVEFILM Instant.

Finally, you pay for the rental with your debit or credit card stored on the Xbox 360 console – and in currency format not Microsoft Points! BlinkBox is now one of the greatest movie streaming apps available on the Xbox LIVE Dashboard.

In a complete turnaround of events, we now can’t recommend this enough!

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