BlinkBox – Possibly The Worlds Worst Xbox Dashboard App

UPDATE: The BlinkBox App got massively improved from July 2012

It is understood that gamers today signed in to their account on BlinkBox only to have discovered that their sign up bonus credits have been completely wiped out. The most pointless streaming app of all to hit the Xbox LIVE dashboard as part of the new metro update has an expiring credit bonus that isn’t obviously aware upon sign-up.

You might discover that in order to watch BlinkBox rental movies on the Xbox 360 you need to first browse the collection of films for rental or purchase, save them for later, login to your PC or laptop if it’s not on already (or nearby), sign in to BlinkBox on the internet, top up your account with credits, browse to your saved titles and then finally hit the RENT options! If you do decide to top up your account with just £1 to receive a £5 bonus – do remember that if you don’t use it all up within 14 days the remainder will be wiped out. It’s also worth noting that not all BlinkBox titles are available to rent using the app either.

Unlike other apps such as Zune or LoveFilm where you simply select your movie and can watch it without all the extra fuss, we therefore we deem this app useless and only beneficial to regular BlinkBoxers who owned a 360 before the dash update – otherwise, we recommend you steer clear and watch the same great films from the Zune marketplace which has virtually the same rental top rental titles and more convenience in purchasing.

CEO Michael Comish Quoted upon launch:

“Blinkbox now being available on both Xbox 360 and iPad means that our customers have more choice and control over how they watch their favourite entertainment,”

“We can bring our huge library of blockbuster movies to even more people across the UK with the Xbox 360 and iPad applications. blinkbox truly gives a great viewing experience whenever and wherever our customers are across so many devices.”

Why not share your thoughts on this app or your favourite dashboard apps in the comments section below – and if you are thinking about joining BlinkBox, do be sure to read their FAQ’s section before hand.

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