Blood Bowl 2 announced for Xbox One

Ah, American Football. The smell of muscle rub, the helmets, the Orcs. Wait? The Orcs?

That’s right, folks, Blood Bowl is back!

Focus Home Interactive and developer Cyanide Studio have produced a new “KickOff” trailer showcasing the game’s curious fusion of American Football and Warhammer’s fantasy characters.

Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Skaven, Humans and Beastmen give every last ounce while being encouraged by the cheerleaders. The aim of the game is still the same, score a touchdown, or cripple everyone in sight. That’s got to hurt.

This second iteration of the game has a brand new graphics engine which has been specifically developed to show off the brutal atmosphere of a Blood Bowl encounter, all lovingly commentated on by the comedy duo, Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford.

Along with the trailer, there is a tentative Xbox One release schedule of Spring 2015.

Check it out, in all it’s violent glory:

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