Blue Estate Xbox One exclusive Arcade Mode revealed


With the release of Viktor Kalvachev’s Blue Estate on Xbox One, just around the corner, developer HESAW have revealed that the sparkly new Xbox One version will have an exclusive new Arcade Mode available to be unlocked in-game.

To unlock this exclusive, simply finish the classic story mode and Arcade Mode can then be accessed from the main menu.

Arcade Mode will take place across 7 exclusive new levels, where the player has to beat a new set of challenges, with new, devious gameplay rules. Single player, with 3 difficulty levels, the key features of Arcade Mode will be:

  • ‘Kill to survive’ – Kill enemies at regular intervals to stay alive. There will be no health guage, instead, a timer is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Kill an enemy before the timer reaches zero to reset this. Don’t let it get to zero of it’s game over.
  • ‘Acquiring New Weapons’ – You start the level with a basic handgun. Here a counter indicates how many enemies you’ll need to kill in order to get a new, more powerful weapon. Each time you are shot, however, the counter is reset. When you’ve managed to grab a new weapon, this cannot be lost.
  • ‘Using the Slow-Motion’ – A slow-mo guage fills up whenever you perform a headshot kill. When the guage is full you can trigger a slo-mo phase at any time. Use this to stop the timer from running out!
  • ‘Fast Forward’ – Your skill and speed are rewarded with a fast forward feature. This sounds good until you learn that it triggers when all on-screen enemies have been killed, the camera speeds up until the next wave of bad guys is triggered. Each second of fast forward will earn you bonus points however.

Arcade Mode will feature a new scoring system and dedicated online leaderboards:

  • Bodyshot kills earn you 1,000 points, headshot and the painful sounding nutshot kills, 2,000 points each.
  • Slow-mo kill points are multiplied x3 for each enemy bumped off.
  • Fast forward seconds each earn you 5,000 points.
  • Each new weapon acquired will also earn you 50,000 points.
  • In Abnormal difficulty all points earned are multiplied x2, in Crazytrain difficulty, they are multiplied x3.
  • Killing all of the enemies in a level earns you a 100,000 point killing spree bonus at the end of each level.

With global ranking on the leaderboard, the highest level being ‘S’, don’t you want to be top of those boards?

The teaser trailer is below and the game is released on February 18th. Are you prepared to delve into the world of Blue Estate?