Boldly go into Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Do we have any Star Trek fans in the room? Don’t be shy, hands up if you’re a fan. Gene Roddenberry’s massive cult universe has finally hit the Xbox One in the form of a massive Free-to play online experience.

Star Trek Online was released by MMORPG specialists, Perfect World Entertainment on Friday, coinciding almost perfectly with the classic TV show’s 50th anniversary and first impressions are good. I had the opportunity to give it a quick blast over the weekend and managed to take out some Klingons and Borg. These are just a few of the races that are included in the game, set across all of the sectors of known Federation space.

The game is a direct port of the PC version, with the full 92-key keyboard controls condensed down in to a handy controller-sized packaged, while still containing the fast pace of the PC original.

The console version also includes the Legacy of Romulus and Delta Rising expansions. Choose to start your adventure as a Star Fleet Academy graduate, a Klingon or a Romulan and quickly progress to captaining your own vessel.

The game isn’t limited to space-based battles either. There are a variety of planet-based and other vessel-based away missions for you to lead in a third person view. You even get your very own phaser rifle to play with.

Once you have your own starship, you can customise it in a variety of ways and get the opportunity to travel to classic Star Trek locations and interact with characters from the shows, voiced by original actors including Jeri Ryan, Michael Dorn and Tim Russ.

The console version includes upgraded lighting and graphics on the original as well as an improved, more intuitive UI.

Xbox One users will need a current Live Gold account in order to play but will get access to a free Steamrunner Blockade Runner. If you link your Arc account to the console as well, you’ll also get access to a free Wrath of Khan uniform.

Star Trek Online is available to play now on Xbox One. Make it so, Number One.

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