Bungie Day: Moments of Triumph

A lot… That’s what you have to do…

Last week Bungie Community Manager,David “Deej” Dague, showed us what year one Destiny players would be awarded with, in association with the annual Bungie Day. The exclusive banner will be available to every Guardian who has played Destiny up until September 9, this year, but only if you meet a pretty weighty criteria.


If you’ve been around since day one, a lot of what is required of you should have been completed. You have to make sure you have:

  • Completed the final missions for the original story and both expansions
  • Complete all endgame events on hard mode, which is both raids and the 35 Prison of Elders
  • Participate 50 public events
  • Win 100 crucible matches
  • Have one character maxed
  • Find all 20 golden chests

All well and good, no? Well, personally I only have 2 more chests to find and I’ve got my emblem. However, I do have objections to one or two of these requirements.


I’m lucky, I’ve been able to join a huge clan, and can get a run of any of the raids, Prison of Elders, and Crucible whenever I feel like it. But, before I decided to make the jump and join a clan, I had never touched a raid, and many people are still in this position. The same can be said for Crucible, as many players don’t enjoy the PvP side of the game, and will never get to complete those 100 games before time runs out for them.

What we are then left with is a whole section of the Destiny community, who have been around since day one, who have dedicated hundreds of hours to this game, and will never receive their reward. I’m hoping that Bungie have made an oversight with this decision, and that those dedicated Guardians will at least receive something for their loyalty.

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