Bungie Reveals Destiny Launch and Beta Dates

destiny logo

The next step for Bungie since leaving the Halo Universe was the creation of Destiny, a multi-platform game that represented a new beginning – and now it has finally been dated. Both Bungie and Activision has announced that the worldwide launch of Destiny will happen on September 9th 2014. Before launch a Beta will kick off in the summer of 2014, available first on Playstation consoles.

Bungie speaks out on their official blog:

“We first shared the design pillars of Destiny less than one year ago. We promised to redefine what players should expect from a Bungie game. We said we wanted to change the way people play games together. We set our bar high. For us, Destiny represents a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Since then, Destiny has continued to reveal its promise. Every new build brings us closer to our original vision. With those goals in sight, we intend to use every moment from now until the release of the game to ensure that Destiny lives up to your expectations, and our own.”

Any more news in the near future, we’ll deliver… 2014 is looking to be an exciting year for Xbox One!

Via bungie.net

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