Burst your bubble in Adventure Pop

Adventure Pop

505 Games have a long and successful history of providing quality games on Xbox One. They have announced a collaboration with Tic Toc Games to bring a new take on bubble shooter games to the Xbox platform.

Adventure Pop will come to consoles in February and looks to revive the genre for new players. Offering fun and complex puzzles and real-time player-vs-player duels in a fresh and colourful environment.

Players will embark on a new journey with Penelope as she encounters feinds of all kinds in bubble shooting showdowns. Once players defeat some of these rapscallions, they may even join their crew and offer their support in battles with their unique and powerful attacks. You might fancy a break from exploring by showing off your precise aim against local or online friends in a player-vs-player duel to the bubble-popping death. Just because you’re playing friends, don’t expect the action to be necessarily friendly either.  The old feature of bubbles dropped on your side attacking your opponent and vice-versa is employed to great effect once more.

Now, what’s better than a great, fun game? How about a great, fun, free to play game? That’s right, Adventure Pop will be free to play for Xbox Live Gold members, with an offer on the Bubble Bundle Pack that will either be heavily discounted or even free, depending on the Gold Memeber promotions released. The Bubble Bundle Pack contains the Super Boost, Rainbow Bubble, Cannon Barrage, Double Score, Obstacle Swap and the Spyglass.

Adventure Pop promises to offer the player a unique story-mode in the single player campaign, full of adventure and over 100 levels of bubble-popping fun. Unlock and collect five characters the wield special powers and equip them with special booster items and abilities that will help you on your journey.

Adventure Pop has already hit the Playstation store and will be coming to Xbox One, free for Gold subscribers, on the 8th of February.

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