Butt-slide with friends in Action Henk


Ah, the humble butt-slide. Ranked among the greatest of slides by none other than Action Henk himself. Surely there has to be a way to share this feast of slippyness? A way to ensure that future generations of sliders can master this fine art? Publisher Curve Digital and developer RageSquid have revealed just the thing.

Action Henk, coming to Xbox One on the 4th of March, will have a full local co-op multi-player mode. Hear the gasps of awe from your peers as you pull off the perfect butt-slide, for victory.

Action Henk will also feature more than 70 heart massaging courses, set across 10 toybox themed worlds, strewn with boss challenges and bonus stages. This cross between Sonic, Trials and Toy Story promises to be blisteringly fast as you strive to win medals to unlock all of the worlds available.

Have a look at Action Henk in all of its multi-player glory.