Call of Duty WWII private beta kicks off this week

The Call of Duty: WWII private beta kicks off this weekend on PS4, with Xbox One joining the battle the following weekend. Activision will be deploying the keys required to download the game ‘closer to the beta launch’, but just how do you ensure that you get one?

It’s pretty simple really… pre-order the game.

I’m sure the usual suspects on twitter will also be on hand to give out bonus codes and you can count on the villainy of eBay who are looking to make a quick buck by flogging codes, but the easiest way is just to order a copy of the game — if you’re reading this — we both know you will end up buying one anyway.

The beta kicks off at 10am PST August 25 for PS4, ending at 10am PST August 28. The following weekend both PS4 and Xbox One can take part in the beta, which starts at 10am PST September 1 and ends at 10am PST September 4.

Digital pre-orders won’t require a code for the beta, once available, the beta can be directly downloaded from the store, although pre-loading hasn’t yet been confirmed. If you ordered through your favourite retailer, then your code should land in your email sometime this week.

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