Call of Duty 10 Listed By Amazon

Call of Duty 10  Xbox 360  Games has listed “Call of Duty 10” for 69.99 Euro’s which can be pre-ordered now from their website directly. The game is listed for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 – giving no clear indication when the title will be available.

As it stands there are currently three developers working for unreleased Call of Duty titles, Sledgehammer Games (MW3), Infinity Ward (CoD, CoD2, CoD4, MW2, MW3) – and NeverSoft who announced last year they are working on a new title. If Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are not working together on the latest Modern Warfare game in the franchise, then it is assumed that three titles are potentially about to hit our consoles which doesn’t sound very plausible. A better assumption could be if we were to speculate, that Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are working together again on a next-gen title and NeverSoft on something completely original for current gen.

This years Call of Duty will be the tenth main game since Infinity Ward’s first release during October 2003 and it would be quite spectacular if Activision were to bring a flashback game based on chapters of the older games brought to life once again on the newer engine as something to celebrate ten whole years of awesome! It’s quite unlikely though…

When Call of Duty 10 get’s an official title we’ll keep you updated, but for now if you wanted to be one of the first to pre-order and you live in Germany – head on over to

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