Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – World Announcement Trailer


It does seem the fashionable thing now in gaming is to have your newest game ‘Leaked’ ahead of the official announcement date. Sadly, that happened less then twelve hours after Activision released a teaser poster suggesting it was going to announce its latest Call of Duty game this Sunday on May 4th. However, this morning multiple sites had not only seen leaked information about the name and setting of the game, but the trailer itself was leaked.

Moments ago Activision, with really no other choice, has now officially released the trailer ahead of plans which you can see above. Forgotten is the idea of ‘Modern Warfare’ and instead the future has fully been embraced with cloaking soldiers and hover bikes showcased in the trailer. Not only that, but once again Call of Duty has called on the services of Hollywood and have cast Kevin Spacey in the game. Fans of his Netflix show ‘House of Cards’ will know that his character, Frank Underwood, can often be seen playing Call of Duty to relax after a long day of running America from the shadows.

The Trailer shows gameplay captured from the Xbox One.

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  • Oh my fucking god…. what an outstanding trailer… this looks promising, however since the last two Call of Duty’s have not been remotely on par with what I was expecting (in a bad way) I’m almost afraid to get excited…

    …However, Sledgehammer’s new blood into the franchise could make this outstanding. Can’t help but think “Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter”

  • Mark Cardwell

    I liked that it was X1 footage and that it looked Awesome. My decision to buy will be made by what the MP map design looks like. They need to return to the 3 path map layouts.

  • Yeah I think this will be more destructive and open world. The emphasis seems to be on ‘evolved’ wording too much in official press release stuff…

    I’m praying for Spec Ops to return…

    I too liked that it is X1 footage and I think this game is only going to be released on next-gen consoles and PC