Call of Duty: Black Ops II Multiplayer Reveal – August 7

Quite possibly the most exciting part of Call of Duty, the Multiplayer – since it’s the heart and soul of the longevity and endless devoted hours poured into the game from fans alike is set to be revealed for Black Ops II.

On Tuesday August 7th – the worldwide reveal of the Black Ops II multiplayer will go live. We’re not sure of the time, but at least the date has been confirmed and set in stone via the Official Black Ops Facebook Page.

All the questions you had ever wanted to know will probably not get answered, but more teasing and futuristic weaponry is likely a certainty. Maybe, just maybe we might get to see some Zombies so Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll bring you the news as it unravels.

Fingers crossed for a Ltd Edition announcement and/or additional Prestige Edition to follow in due course?

Thanks – Facebook

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