Call of Duty: ELITE – Black Ops II Revamp

Call of Duty Elite is set for change in time for this years Call of Duty title – Black Ops II. ELITE is now regarded as your personal Call of Duty HQ. Track your stats and performance across multiple titles, join a clan and compete in competitions and operations, watch top Call of Duty videos and more! Pretty much most of it will stay the same, but titles and menu operations are set for reboot.

Clan HQ: The hub of clans. Create a powerhouse clan from scratch or join an already existing one. Connect with your squadmates and show off your clan’s winnings

Player HQ: Your Call of Duty stats across the titles you have played. Track players, isolate in game challenges and edit your custom classes right from your computer.

ELITE News: The new source of all your Call of Duty information. Check in for sneak peaks at upcoming Call of Duty content.

Compete: Do you like competing against other Call of Duty players? Then this is the page for you. Enlist in Ops and Challenges as a clan or a solo warrior. Earn badges and XP to show off your success.

New features and exclusive content for Black Ops II will be announced in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

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