Call of Duty: Ghosts – Official Facebook Page Now Open

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Official Facebook Page Now Open

ghosts are real

“The Ghosts are real” – Activision sort-of confirms all the prior retailer leaks by creating an official Call of Duty: Ghosts facebook page. With a ghostly image set as a cover and more than 10,000 Likes already – all that’s lacking now is a nifty ghostly trailer and screenshots to boot!

Tesco UK was the first to out the latest instalment which shortly followed with a Gamestop poster leak outing the release date as November 5th 2013 – which falls on the first Tuesday of the month. This is expected to be a worldwide release date. Although not detailed by Activision in full, Call of Duty: Ghosts is in development from Infinity ward and built on a next-gen engine with a new set, new cast and…

…we just don’t know yet if this is a current-gen only title with a separate game for next-gen platforms. When the Xbox 360 was first released Treyarch developed a Call of Duty for the original Xbox whilst Infinity Ward delivered an-at-that-time next-gen Call of Duty 2.

We’ll update you more when we know the score. If you are on Facebook – check out our own page too at