Call of Duty: Ghosts – Onslaught DLC Overview

map pack overview onslaught

The first ever map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts is available to buy now from both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Marketplace, titled Onslaught, the DLC offering serves up four new Multiplayer Maps, an entirely new Extinction playground to get you all alienated – and topped off nicely with a brand new Maverick Assault Rifle/Sniper dual purpose weapon! Although available on the Marketplace for just under £12.00, Onslaught is included as part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass, which will allow for a combined saving if you plan to get all four epic Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Packs planned for release this year – Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion and Nemesis. Release dates for the other three packs has not yet been announced, but let’s get stuck into Onslaught which was provided to thisisxbox from Activision for the Xbox One console. Additionally for a quick look around the new maps press play on some of the video’s below where I briefly walk around solo to give you an insight into how they look in-game.

Starting with Ignition, this is the return of the old Modern Warfare 2 map by the name of Scrapyard. What was once a small aircraft boneyard scattered with parts from Modern Warfare 2 is now a high-tech looking (albeit derelict) rocket launch facility in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It was a really great map when it was first available on the Xbox 360 providing cover under wreckages of planes, and now in next-gen glory comes not only a modern looking re-skin, but a few neat features that will see a rocket launch and explode in mid-air! The debris will fall back down to earth and kill anyone in its way; also hidden within the map is an engine ignition button that will kill players near the engine once activated. Although this map started life within Call of Duty as Scrapyard, even as Ignition it has been reborn in a beautiful way that will have you enjoy its design and close quarter’s environment all over again. With the addition of underground tunnels now, it feels and plays like a completely new map in its own right.

Fog is next on the agenda, and what both resembles and feels like an environment cut right out of a creepy Black Ops Zombies map, you’ll be creeping around dark woods with eerie cabins as the fog in the environment engulfs you around twisting paths, still lakes and flank routes. It’s a medium sized map offering secret routes through locating hidden parts that can be breached. The environment looks like that of a horror movie and additionally features a special Field Order reward called Michael Myers where you can actually become Michael Myers within the map and then the theme-tune from the Halloween movies is played out! (Seriously how cool is that!) This map is perfect for Deathmatch modes and Kill Confirmed, but with all the different routes it is far too easy to get lost in its haunting atmosphere as you find yourself moving around from one cabin to the next on tender hooks.

BayView is a marina board-walk with its own moving tram that circulates the area of the map. The map itself is rather small and square, but there are a lot of buildings that provide vantage points as each looks onto the streets below; walking alone down the streets of BayView is almost guaranteed death as any enemy can hunt you out from afar with a decent sniper rifle. I didn’t enjoy this map at all because it just seems rather unfair for those who like to run-and-gun with the map environment giving advantages to players who like to hide in corners! As far as game modes are concerned, pretty much all of them is suited to this map due to its size – think of this as the Ghosts equivalent of Nuketown from both Black Ops and you’ll get the point very quickly. As the most annoying map of the Onslaught DLC, I tend to not vote for it in the lobby because the sitting in corners notion of Call of Duty multiplayer is tiring now, soldiers have legs – move them!

Finally on the Multiplayer Map front comes, Containment – a medium sized map with the environment of a demolished town in Mexico. Power cables are hanging down, buildings are burning and there seems to be a very suspicious looking nuclear sign on the mini-map directing players to a truck with a nuclear missile on a bridge. Any player near this notice a scambled image on the mini-map, but complete a field order and you can call in a strike to wipe out the entire vehicle, bridge and players around the area!  The map is more like a maze with a few secret hide-out spots especially around the church which stands tall in the town, look out for a few doors you can breach. With a mass amount of external ground to cover and equal portions if internal secure spots, this map plays like a dream and is one of the best of the Onslaught DLC that covers all game modes. Since Xbox One’s UPLOAD Studio constantly fails to render any Containment Map walk around on the Xbox One used for gameplay – check out the OutsideXbox video instead shown above.

For players who like Extinction, are there any of you out there? For me, this has grown to become the pain-in-the-arse of Call of Duty: Ghosts, I miss Spec Ops Survival so damn much and I was never a fan of Zombies in the Black Ops series – so Extinction feels a little like it’s trying to become Zombies and it just doesn’t offer the same magic or thrills. For those out there who do like a bit of 4 player co-operative action killing anything un-human, then Nightfall will be sure to add to your addiction. It’s part one of four and you’ll need to master your skills, make the best use of your cash and equipment whilst working your way to assault the Nightfall research facility locating survivors as you eradicate the Cryptid outbreak. Those pesky creatures annoy me so much that this feels more like a Gears of War game mode that doesn’t belong on Call of Duty…kill it off!

Onslaught is a great addition to extend Call of Duty: Ghosts even further and brings some fantastic Multiplayer Maps to the game, even if they do seem a bit on the small side. Visually its undeniable that despite some great lighting effects, Ghosts just doesn’t portray itself as true next-gen quality offering barely little difference in quality from the Xbox 360 version of the game. Although the Map Pack was downloaded and played on the Xbox One, the maps are the same on both consoles for all players in terms of their design features.

If you love Call of Duty, you’ll love Onslaught!

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