Call of Duty: MW3 – Great News Drop Zone is Back People!

Call of Duty: MW3 – Great News Drop Zone is Back People!

Drop Zone, the fantastic quick ranking enabled game mode has returned to the Public Community Playlist on Modern Warfare 3, having been removed this week in place of the rather dull Infection.

Following a campaign of complaints on Twitter from fans keen to see Drop Zone return, Infinity Ward hasn’t officially confirmed why they brought it back – but we can only hope it was to keep the community happy. Infection seems to be a game of where one team finds the highest point of the map, and the infected run and throw themselves into a death pit – we stopped playing Halo last year…

Drop Zone is a match whereby all players must capture the (you guessed it) Drop Zone red smoke screen area to gain points and Killstreak Reward drops. For hardcore players you can easily rack up 4000+ points per match if you play the objective and not treat it like an additional Team Death Match mode – for those wanting to Prestige, Drop Zone will get you there quicker, and if you have a spare Prestige Token for Double XP you are well and truly showered in XP.

We’ll see you on the Battlefield, not literally Battlefield, but you know what we mean…

…Drop Zone is back, spread the news fellow Duty folk!

Thanks to GameOverJon for the news tip