Can you hear the Storm King’s Thunder?

Storm King's Thunder

Back in June, we brought you news that Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studio’s smash-hit MMORPG, Neverwinter would be getting the Storm King’sThunder expansion on Xbox One. The good news is, you won’t have to wait long for it to become available, and as with all of the previous Neverwinter expansions, Storm King’s Thunder will be free.

The new expansion is revealed in tandem with Wizards of the West Coast’s very latest Dungeons & Dragons storyline.

Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder will take your adventurer back to the chilly Icewind Dale, to face off against invading giants. Brave your way through three new adventure zones and a hugely challenging dungeon.

The story will begin as frost giants force their way into the northern regions of the Sword Coast, how incredibly rude of them. This will create a call-to-arms for Neverwinter’s strongest to defend the land from these gargantuan invaders. Travel to Bryn Shander, the largest settlement within the Ten Towns, to save the townsfolk from attack.

Enlist the help of classic Dungeons & Dragons characters such as Catti-brie, Wulfgar and Harshnag to defeat this frost giant threat. Once the battle has been won, they will continue on to Lonleywood and Cold Run until they eventually reach Fangbreaker Island. This foreboding place is a remote isle in the treacherous Sea of Moving Ice.

Become a hero, perform heroic deeds and save the inhabitants from the terrors of the frost giants when Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder is released on Xbox One on the 18th of October.

Here’s what’s in store.

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