Can you survive Far Cry Primal’s new mode?

Far Cry Primal’s look back at the Ice Age starts off as an intimidating place to live, but once you’ve tooled up a bit, the land will bend at your will – especially when you have a pet Sabre-toothed tiger by your side – but if you crave that feeling of struggling against the odds, striving out as the early cave men may have done, then Far Cry Primal’s new survival mode will certainly tick those boxes.

The free patch is available now and strips the game of its minimap and forces you to pay more attention to your surroundings – scavenging properly for resources and hunting the old-fashioned way – not relying on your hunter abilities to highlight everything. To add to your torment, you must now manage a stamina bar and rest up in between physical exertion – thankfully you still have your beastmaster skills, although the pets have reduced health and can not be revived!

For the ultimate survival experience switch on permadeath – how far can you get?

Here’s a handy infographic of the new mode and what you can expect from its mutators…



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