Can you Spot the secret hero of Silence?


Deadalic Entertainment recently announced the sequel to The Whispered World, a point & click adventure that came out in 2009 on MAC and PC. This new game, coming to Xbox One, is called Silence and focuses on the adventures of siblings Noah and Renie.

In the first incarnation in the series, there was a smaller, more discrete hero. Spot, the caterpillar, was the friend of the The Whispered World’s main character, Sadwick. In Silence, Spot is making a comeback.

Don’t be fooled by the cute insect-y veneer though. Spot has some tricks up his sleeve, if caterpillar’s actually have sleeves. Spot could be described as the Swiss Army knife of companions. He could very well be the difference between solving a puzzle or failing miserably at what you’re doing. When called upon, Spot can fly, spit liquids, split himself or slurp obstacles out of the way. Here are a list of his abilities:

  • Big Spot: One of Spot’s main features is to suck everything he can get close to, into his mouth. If this is air, then he’ll inflate and take on a spherical shape. In this form, Spot can bounce, fly and be thrown around. Poor Spot.
  • 5er Spot: Found a gap that’s too small for regular Spot? Split him into 5 and the smaller versions should have no problem with this.
  • Flat Spot: No, not what Lewis Hamilton gets at a particularly sharp corner. Spot has the ability to deflate himself when his belly is empty and become really quite tiny. In this form, Spot is also strong enough to carry people and build bridges to inaccessible areas.
  • Fire Spot: What is a hot Spot not? A cool Spot, that’s what. When he touches fire, Spot combusts and can subsequently light the way or set other items alight.
  • Dragon Spot: If Spot sucks in dangerous liquids, such a lava, he can spit it out, like a fire breathing repile, to warm vegetation, or fix those annoyingly broken statues.
  • Water Spot: Spot can be used to water the garden. Give those mushrooms a drink and see how the environment will change.
  • Honey Spot: Spot, like all good companions, has a sweet tooth. Stuff him full of the sweet sticky stuff and he becomes all melodic, humming a calming tune to pacify Honey Ticks.
  • Helium Spot: This makes Spot weightless and allows him to float around and makes him invisible to everyone he comes across.
  • Acid Spot: Spot can even transport acid, but players will have to find out for themselves what this particular ability will help Noah and Renie do.

Silence is the story of Noah, who must help save his sister Renie, who is almost lost to the perils of war. He follows her into the world of Silence where even war rages on. In the search for his sister, Noah joins a group of rebels, to fight against the false Queen.

If you haven’t seen the announcement trailer, it’s below and looks intriguing to say the least. Silence is scheduled to release on Xbox One in the 2nd half of 2015.

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