Why we can’t wait for the latest Xbox games and Scorpio VR in 2017

With 2017 comes a plethora of brilliant Xbox games. There are numerous games that are highly anticipated this year and we’re very excited for them to be released.

Tekken 7 is finally set to come our way, though sadly, it is set to be last in the series, two decades following its move to PlayStation. Though if the rumours surrounding Tekken 7 are anything to go by, it will certainly go out with a bang. The game is said to include the conclusion to the Mishima clan saga, and with the help of Unreal Engine 4, the game’s graphics are flawless with highly detailed characters and dynamic, reactive environments.

What’s more, is that Unreal Engine 4 are involved in the development of VR games and it has already been confirmed that Tekken 7 will be available for PlayStation VR, so it’s highly plausible that it will soon be compatible with VR when the Scorpio arrives.

In addition to some brilliant graphics and VR, many new characters will also arrive including Kazumi Mishima, the wife of Heichachi Mishima, and mother to Kazuya. Unknown Fate sports a brilliant cryptic front and it is your duty to unravel the puzzles while on your journey through some beautifully crafted worlds, worlds which affords the game an atmospheric feel.

You’re sure to meet some unusual and interesting characters on your journey and the more puzzles you solve, the closer you will come to revealing the truth about the unfamiliar surroundings you find yourself in, hence the title Unknown Fate. What makes the game even more exciting is that it will initially support VR on PC and if deemed popular enough, it will more than likely pave its way to VR on consoles.

Though Xbox aren’t the only ones looking to get involved with the VR hype, as online casino sites like Play Cosmo are looking to become more involved. Research suggests that the amount of bets from VR gambling is set to rise from £47.2 million this year to a huge £423 million in the next four years. VR bring major benefits to the online casino community as it widens the possibilities for casino sites as it will allow them to attract more players who looking for an authentic and luxurious casino experience without leaving their homes. With the help of a headset and a reputable online casino sites, players can head to exciting locations without having to even leave their bed.

Though if you’re looking to be transported to a completely different world and an alternate reality, look no further than the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This Xbox One game is set for release next month and it’s likely that Marvel and Telltale will time the release of the game’s first episode to thrive off the excitement of the film. Telltale are famed for their unique style of interactive storytelling. With an exciting mix of emotion, teamwork, humour, perseverance and a large dose of sci-fi action adventure, you will take on multiple roles to become a hero and direct escapades around the universe. If you were impressed with the initial film then this will certainly sweep you off your feet.

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