Capcom Lay Down The Next Street Fighter X Tekken Challenge

C’mon, we’ve all been there, busting out our best versions of a hurricane kick across the front room, attempting to perfect pencil spins whilst mid air! Well now Street Fighter and Tekken fans across the UK have got the opportunity to show the world how good their finely honed impressions of Ryu and Cammy really are!

Grab theStreet Fighter X Tekken soundtrack from the Street Fighter X Tekken SoundCloud page, check out some of the character moves broken down into their elements via the videos below and get your camera phones at the ready to create a video of your most impressive fighting moves.

Entrants will be judged on their ability to accurately recreate either Street Fighter or Tekken moves and their creativity in putting thosemoves together using the Street Fighter X Tekken soundtrack. Don’t know your left foot from your right? Don’t worry; this championship is open to anyone and everyone!

A judging panel consisting of representatives from Capcom, Street Fighter X Tekken charity partner CALM and the guys from dance crew One Motion will choose from a shortlist of groups, troupes and individuals and pick two finalists (one Street Fighter and one Tekken) who will battle it out LIVE at the final event.

The winner will be crowned the Street Fighter X Tekken Fighting Move Dance Champion 2012 and will have their routine professionally filmed and turned into an awesome video. Winners will also win tickets to Move It 2012 – held at London’s Olympia, 9-11th March.

So make your video NOW and send it to us at –

This isn’t any normal dance championship – this is hardcore!

Capcom has chosen Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) registered charity 1110621, as the official charity for Street Fighter X Tekken. CALM aims to reduce suicide in men under 35, currently the biggest single cause of death for young men in the UK. By taking part in the StreetFighter X Tekken campaign you can help us raise awareness for CALM.

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