Captain Price Actor Confirms Modern Warfare 4 from Infinity Ward

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Just moments after being told about Modern Warfare 4 on October 29th 2012 on a flight from Bodrum to London.

Whilst I was happily, but also slightly nervously looking out of the plane window after boarding it in Bodrum Milas Airport, flight from Bodrum to London Stansted on 29th October 2012 – I heard a voice behind me and instantly I paused in shock – it couldn’t be! As a massive, MASSIVE fan of the Modern Warfare series from Infinity Ward, I was by sheer coincidence sitting in the seat right next to actor Bill Murray.

As well as being known in the UK for appearing in TV shows EastEnders and The Bill, Call of Duty fans the world over will recognise him as the voice over actor for Captain Price, and no sooner had he spoken had I just dropped the words “Oh my God! Call of Duty!”, he laughed and found it quite funny how not many people recognised him for that out in public, and as I was about to engage in more conversation after telling him what a massive fan of the games I am the he let the cat out of the bag, unbeknown that I also manage – the words just fell out of his mouth…

Bill Murray: “Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4, I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern Warfare 3, it carries straight on and I only ever appear in the Modern Warfare games…”

My mouth dropped, “Oh…nice” I replied “…so it IS being done by Infinity Ward then?” and tried to look casual, then spent the whole 4hr flight, and 9hr coach journey (with waiting times) dying to get logged in to

So – only news I can repeat right now, is that on Monday 5th November, Bill Murray is going to be in discussions with Activision and Infinity Ward about his vocal involvement in Modern Warfare 4 that will be developed by Infinity Ward. Above is the picture I had taken on the flight, seconds after being told the news.

My holiday in Turkey was fantastic, roll on Modern Warfare 4 – Captain Price is back!!


Things are getting a little more interesting now with Infinity Ward claiming on Twitter to have not discussed anything with any Voice Actors. Additionally, Billy Murray is backtracking on the conversation by claiming yesterday he didn’t start any rumors, and now today stating he told me he was doing a new modern warfare for china.


I know what I was told and I wasn’t the only person on that plane who heard the conversation, not that I am now able to find those individuals, but both myself and Murray know what was ‘actually’ said. Call of Duty Online for China that Murray now claims he spoke about has already been in development for two years and uses existing assets for the free to play game in China, it’s nothing new in terms of what we haven’t played already in the Modern Warfare games.

Maybe Captain Price will speak Chinese on this new game… but the backtracking now is just ridiculous…

Update: 15/11/2012 – Sources have come forward and leaked information about the scripts currently under-going voice over work in LA on the next Call of Duty game. Confirms it is a Modern Warfare game at least.

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  • lol


  • Robert

    How lame: The guy tells you something in confidence, trying to be nice. And you have to spout it all over the internet.

  • Sam

    You don’t tell something in “confidence” to a person you just meet. From the authors account, he hadn’t even asked the question!

  • Tristan

    As amazing as it is to have Price back, I really don’t want another MW :/ The story is own. Makarov is dead, Soap is dead, Yuri is dead, Ghost is dead… EVERYONE IS DEAD BUT PRICE!!! D:

  • Skunkwurx

    In fairness i wouldn't be surprised if he gets kicked off the game for this

  • Bob

    Not again… Another Call of Duty? For christ sake…

  • He didn't tell me anything in confidence, he was very open about meeting with IW next week. Once I said I was a fan, it was spoken about as if I already knew a 4th MW was coming…

  • fuxk u mw3

    what the fucking stupid game !!!!

  • mw3momfuck

    go to hell …………… MW3..4. …5. 6
    your mom is calling me…………….

  • hey if there is a new modern warfare game then who's the lead enemy

  • it was all in prices head. the game will start off back at the bridge in COD4, with price stareing down the barrell of a gun. then a VERY rapid series of broken flashbacks. the next scene will be of price escapeing a russian prison hospital and hunting down zhakaev and makarov, useing more and more brutal tactics, untill he becomes as much a butcher as the men he is hunting.

    then he will learn the TRUTH about revenge. retire from the SAS, and persure a happy retirement of fishing and sailing off the coast of great britan,

  • wow.

    Damnit another COD…

  • Hunter

    Now that just shows that Infinity Ward is lazy.

  • guest

    ahh… this is what separates a blogger from a journalist. anyway, it's the guy's fault for spilling it. but had he known you were not a regular fan and someone that could post this, he wouldn't have said it. so jason is just kind of being a douche…

  • Ddddddd

    Stop whinging about there being another COD. If you don't like it…don't buy it or play it. Simple. As for me…..can't wait for the next one!

  • daniel harding

    there better fucking not be a mw4 otherwise i wi ll kill the first iw employe i see

  • micky mctavish

    Awesome love me 1 2 3 hope they make a lot more can't get enough of it and I can assure yous I'm not the only person to think it! come on infinity ward hurry up and get it going

  • Spartan089

    I agree. That was a douch bag move! You go and tell everyone! Now you have said all this bs and he's in a lot of trouble for your bs move! Get a life man! Grow up! He didn't even know you at all and he trusted you enough to say that to you! If you get him fired and hes not in MW4 there will be a lot of fans trying to hunt you done man. I'm just saying maybe this wasn't a bright idea :/ grow up and stop running around and spouting rumors.

  • Sam

    Whoever leaked this info is a knob you have now put bill s job on the line

  • … it came out of Bill's mouth…

  • How was I meant to know it was top secret lol…

  • Fckyou

    The guy who made this article is a little scumbag. Bet you didnt tell bill that everything he said was going to be put on a weebsite for millions to see. He told you in trust you little fagget

  • Spartan089

    Btw just letting you know China had now allowed The PS3 to be sold and I'm pretty sure that infinity ward is doing a make over to MW3! So he is telling the truth! I hate rumor starters. It's High School bs!

  • dsaiuh

    such a queer he will most likely get fired for this now

  • Bullshit man

    For a site that’s trying to grow its audience you sure act like a dick. May be Bill just misspoke and its you that can’t admit wrong. Wouldn’t want your little web site to look bad now would you. Making up bogus stories is certainly one way for your site to get some attention…

  • jimika

    Yeah and you might him sacked you t**t

  • blah blah

    I think you do know it was top secret. That's why you quickly got this news onto the internet. You gain fame and stuff. He might lose his job. You didn't think of what might happen to him. But either way. This is just a game of he says she says. Grow up, and just wait till the game trailer is out and then go nuts about it. Kudos.


    I guess the new COD: Ghosts trailer makes this writer look not too bright! 🙂

  • Only repeating information that was told to me – also… you have no idea what Sledghammer Games are doing for Call of Duty yet 😉


    See this is what happens when you fire from the hip and don’t have your fuckin facts straight genius.