Casino Nights One of the Best Xbox 360 Indie Titles for $1

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casino nights

Casino Nights has been around on the Xbox 360 for some time and contains many exciting casino games, including Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Slots, and a whole lot more. You are able to beat challenges to unlock trophies, and see how much you can gamble without breaking the bank! There does appear to be an overall lack of casino based videogames on consoles in favour for an invasion of card based titles that seem to revolve solely around Poker; unless you are using mobile devices where casino and Slots related games are available by the thousands.

Developed by GZ Storm, for the very minimal price it comes with 6 casino games: Roulette, Blackjack, Red Dog, Slots, Video Poker, and Keno – and additionally features varied challenges that unlock trophies and help increase your bankroll. If you are a fan of mobile and app based casino games, online casino games, or just want to try your luck and experience casino style gaming then making the transition to play this fun indie Xbox 360 title on your console will offer just as much enjoyment for those times when you can’t get access to your PC or mobile. It may not be a real money making opportunity, but pulling those slot machines can still bring a smile when you’re on a winning streak without fleecing your wallet. One of the benefits of simulated gambling is that you are not going to lose any of your hard earned cash even if you have the occasional guilty pleasure in playing it for real.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Poker since I prefer the games that appear more dominated by sheer chance such as Roulette or Slots, these also have a more instant Win or Lose time and do not involve waiting for other players to take their turn or heavily having to be sharp witted about your hand with card based games. The developers GZ Storms deserve some praise for delivering a truly fun and addictive casino title to a home console, but their range of gaming highlights is vary varied showing that they tend to think outside-the-box and bring unconventional or less of the “typical” projects to consoles. Casino Nights on Xbox 360 manages to take the fun and surprise of the modern day casino and make it fully enjoyable on your large screen television where you can challenge the whole family. With the developers also bringing “Let’s Learn Japanese” to the Xbox 360 indie scene, it’s quite exciting to think what random project they could be working on next.

Casino Nights is available right now on the Xbox 360 Indie marketplace for the cash equivalent of what used to be 80MS Points. This is about $1 in the US or 69p in the UK. You do not even have to commit to buy as you might want to download the free trial straight to your Xbox 360 console by searching for the game on your console marketplace, or using this direct link.

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    I am playing it now and it is fun. I am upto $15,570, and I want to know if I will lose my bankroll if I shut down my console. I need to leave the house soon and was wondering if I will lose my winnings? Please help ;0


    ok, i was brave enough to log off while I had $25,918. i logged on and it was still there…so I answered my own question lol!

  • How do you find the game, it may look relatively simple but it’s kinda addictive don’t you think?

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