Catalyst revealed for Livelock

livelock 1

A few weeks on from it’s announcement and Perfect World have now completed the character reveals for it’s new shooter, Livelock.

This new trailer features a sassy female robotic character. From the dialogue in the scenes below, Catalyst is all heart. She’s a skilled fighter, a trained soldier and a born leader. This character rounds out the main protagonists in Livelock. These are Capital Intellect’s finest. Humanity’s last great hope. These intellects inhabiting battle chassis are called The Few and all were living breathing beings before The Cataclysm.

Catalyst was a member of the Armed Forces, carrying on her family’s legacy of military service. Now, her battle functions are enabled by a small squad of combat drones that she commands. Catalyst seeks to uphold the honour of her family in the new war, raging across Earth’s ravaged 22nd Century surface.

Livelock will transport you into that nightmare scenario, a century after The Cataclysm. Humanity is on the brink of survival. Clusters of corrupted machines control what remains inhabitable of the planet, fighting with each other over precious resources. Take control of Capital Intellect and destroy these clusters in a fast-paced top-down shooter.

Catalyst joins Vanguard and Hex as the playable characters in Livelock, which will launch in 2016 on Xbox One.