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Chivalry Medieval Warfare Review


In days of old, when knights were bold, you couldn’t get a tin of Brasso for love nor money. The smell of the oiled steel, the cries of the sick and dying and oppression of the local Baron landowners. Medieval times, eh?

Chivalry Medieval Warfare then, is a hack and slash, first person, online multiplayer yomp through the usual game modes that fps games usually offer. Included in this are Team Deathmatch, Team Objective, Last Team Standing & Free For All, with another two there to be unlocked by anyone with patience enough to last that long. These can be played as a single player. You get the choice of four characters to play, being Archer, Man At Arms, Vanguard & Knight. Each of these has their own switchable olde worlde loadout and each also has appropriate attributes such as armour and speed. Take a note of these as it should be a trade off.

Training mode is recommended, but is frankly awful. Your character simply doesn’t react quickly enough to perform combos, which is strange as for the rest of the time, your opponents, especially the AI, seem to flounce around with the grace and speed of Legolas while you seem to be weighed down by lead armour-plate. The Advanced Training arena is a prime example. I marveled at a Vanguard in full chainmail skipping around like Ali in the ring while your character, in a tunic, clumsily swings and mostly, misses. In the training mode, you learn that every offensive and defensive action you make takes stamina. Deplete your stamina too quickly and you’ll be at your opponent’s mercy. It’s also here that you learn the flimsy backstory to the two sides that eventually will become you and the others. To cut » Continue Reading.

Costume Quest 2 Review


The story of Costume Quest 2 is about Wren and Reynold trying to save the future of Halloween after the crazed tooth obsessed dentist Dr. Orel White has altered the future into a twisted perfect tooth dystopia with the help of the powerful time wizards!

Now, don’t get me wrong the story was great; I loved the ideas behind it and this isn’t where my disappointment with Costume Quest 2 lies.

Scenery wise Costume Quest 2 was lovely, the towns reflected the mood brilliantly and I really enjoyed it although I would have enjoyed it more if it weren’t for the character designs. It’s not that they were bad; they just felt disjointed from what was going on in the game and reminded me of Nintendo’s Miis way too much. Maybe it’s just me but seriously… look at them!

Moving on to the combat, I just couldn’t get into the simple turn-based combat, which included the ability to do more damage if you time the button presses right. It’s not like it was too hard but the enemies did seem a bit… ‘spongy’ which caused me to get a bit fed up with fighting and instead I just wanted to crack on with the story. One thing I did enjoy about the combat was the Creepy Treat Cards that could be used for special attacks, like when an enemy attacks any damage would reflect onto them. It added freedom to the combat and felt like a trading card game.

I wish I could say that I enjoyed this title more; the potential is there for a really enjoyable game but I just could not get on with it. I think if there was a faster combat system and a bigger sense of urgency it could have been » Continue Reading.

How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition Review

How to Survive

With a top-down, isometric perspective, and an unusual focus on survival and provisions, How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition provides a pleasantly unique zombie, action game on the next generation platforms. With a persistent day/night cycle, a bunch of scrappy survivors – including an odd fellow called Kovac – and some excellent game modes, How to Survive provides a harrowing, desperate, and mostly entertaining experience.

Several survivors are ready for you to jump in to the shoes of, each suiting a different style of play as well as a subtle backstory. Once picked your survivor comes to ship wreaked, dazed and confused on an island packed with deadly zombies and the odd survivor looking to escape. It’s you job to survive the dangers with the hope of leaving the small chain of islands and finding your way back to civilisation. The other survivors you comes across offer quests and progress the shallow but intriguing story, but your primary concern is your survival.

All manner of zombified people plague the islands during the day, but at night other creatures mean to nosh on your flesh. As such, gathering resources and exploring is best done in the light of the Sun, once it sets it’s time to hunker down and rest. This proves to be the crux of the experience, and it’s wonderfully compelling. Simply surviving, ignoring the story and staying alive and healthy is an all-consuming and entertaining task. Items are strewn across the island, gathered from corpses, found lying around, or hidden in abandoned shacks and camps, and combining these to create useful weapons and tools is the key to staying alive. Makeshift weapons firing scrap, flint to light fires, sticks to create torches, arrows, bows and more, everything is useful with the right combination and it’ll keep you » Continue Reading.

Assassins Creed: Unity Review

Assassins Creed Unity Header

Assassins Creed games come round once a year, sometimes more depending on the consoles you own. If like me you’ve been playing them since the initial release back in 2007 you’ve probably also loved and hated some previous titles in the series. If you haven’t read our Assassins Creed: Black Flag review back during the Xbox One launch, now would be the time.

Assassins Creed has become a power house for Ubisoft with each new release bringing in the revenue as fans seem to be as strongly devoted to the series now as they were back in 2008/9. Assassins Creed: Black Flag was developed for both (at the time) current and next gen consoles whereas Unity has been developed purely for new current gen cycle of consoles.  Black Flag looked great, Unity looks stunning. Let’s take a dive (from a high view point), and delve into the French Revolution.

Our protagonist is Arno Dorian, a young native Frenchman born in Versailles to an Assassin and his wife. The story begins at the end of Assassins Creed Rogue where Arno’s father is murdered and he himself is adopted, unbeknown to him by The Templar Grandmaster and his family including Elise De LaSerre who from the outset is clearly introduced as Arno’s love interest. During the opening tutorial missions, Arno’s adopted father is murdered and Arno accused of the act and imprisoned. Whilst incarcerated and blaming himself Arno meets an Assassin who eventually helps him escape. Setting out on a quest of redemption, Arno is eventually brought before the Brother of Assassins and like in previous titles, he rise through the ranks is swift.

Characters of note you’ll meet include the famous French military and political leader » Continue Reading.

Stick It To The Man Review

Stick It To The Man Logo

Since the next generation of consoles kicked off in a big way, there’s been a lot of focus on indie titles. Both the Xbox One and PS4 tussling to offer indie developers a platform to release unique and quirky titles.

Zoink Games are continuing this fresh tradition, with their offering Stick It to the Man, originally released for the PS4 and now seeing the light of day on Microsoft’s Xbox One, its a little that is nothing if not distinct, with a part style that is truly unforgettable despite what lies beneath being less so.

While Stick It to the Man seems, at first glance, like your standard 2D platformer, it is in fact a 2.5D re-imagining of the classic point and click adventure, full of humour and with a tiny splash of platforming action to complete this heady mix of crazy gameplay with fresh old school ideas.

You start out as Ray, a down on his luck hard hat tester who ends yet another average day by being smashed in the noggin’ by a random item that falls from the heavens. After a splitting headache and 40 winks, Ray wakes up with a rather unusual yet nifty stretchy hand oozing from the bump in his head. This fresh appendage can not only grab onto pins dotted around the map, allowing him to swing around freely, but it can poke into the minds of characters around him to steal their very thoughts, which rather conveniently become stickers.

After some initial training, showing you the key to listening for what people need and finding the correct sticker to slap on a characters face, stick to the world around them or insert into their mind, Inception style, this mechanics while simple in execution is truly original and becomes utterly addictive. Forcing » Continue Reading.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review


And so we reach the time of year where PES and FIFA have their annual face-off for the title of greatest football game. For many years it has been FIFA that has won the title hands down but this year there was hope that Konami had upped its game considerably and was looking for a last minute winner that would see them snatch the title away from EA Sports.

So when I was asked to review PES 2015 this year it was with anticipation rather than dread as I started the download…

One thing that does stand out straight away is the initial presentation. Navigating the menus is very easy and PES 2015 is packed full of game modes. There’s the usual Master League with the unlicensed teams and random stadiums (I still find this endearing and annoying at the same time) and there’s the Champions League. I just love playing this mode for the presentation and Champions League theme alone. It’s just like sitting down on a Wednesday night watching it on television. Brilliantly done.

There’s also myClub. As soon as you start playing this mode you instantly think of Ultimate Team from FIFA. You control a club and build your dream team using managers and agents, ensuring the chemistry is right among your players. The use of agents is a nice touch, the better the agent you employ then the better the player he will be able to sign for you. Yes, you don’t do the scouting, your agent does. It’s a nice idea but I still prefer FIFA Ultimate Team.

Become A Legend is exactly what you would expect. You control just one player within the club and progress through his career. While playing a game in this mode I did find it annoying that even » Continue Reading.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

call of duty advanced warfare 1

Activision’s behemoth first-person-shooter, Call of Duty – has taken a huge leap forward marking another change of direction for the title since Ghost’s launched with the Xbox One last year. In what started as a World War II game fast evolved in a Modern Warfare, which then led to a Black Ops operation and a covert Ghost’s mission. Now four changes later and perhaps a more natural progression from Modern Warfare is Sledgehammer Games first solo entry into the franchise with Advanced Warfare. Despite talks of a potential Modern Warfare 4, in the very early stages of Sledgehammer Games direction, Glen Schofield, (general manager and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games) confirmed to thisisxbox at Eurogamer ’14 that a more future technology driven adventure was always on the cards and the way forward following their joint effort with Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We previously had hands-on multiplayer sessions with Advanced Warfare at both Gamescom and Eurogamer this year and rate the title as the best Call of Duty in years!

It’s been no secret that thisisxbox rated the previous two Call of Duty titles in the franchise less favourable than we had hoped for, but Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings the franchise to life again with an action packed story driven adventure true to the Call of Duty roots with over the top plot lines and building crashes a plenty. It’s certainly no walk in the park and leaves enough surprises to raise a few eyebrows all in glorious next-gen visual quality. By that we mean a million miles apart from what Infinity Ward deemed next-gen with Ghosts, because Advanced Warfare looks and plays as you would expect a true next-gen title to gleam and shine from start to finish. All before we even get » Continue Reading.

Chariot Review


I will start this review off by saying that I don’t usually play this kind of game, it’s simply not my thing but after playing Chariot I’d more than happily go back and play more – here is why.

Long, long ago before the age of online gaming, gamers would invite all their friends round, share out the third party controllers while keeping the official one for themselves and do some hard hitting couch co-op. It was glorious, real communication between team mates and plenty of hysterical moments you could share together. Since online gaming we have lost that, and that is a shame.

Enter Chariot.

Let me backtrack slightly and explain a bit of the back story to this physics based puzzler. You are a princess who’s father (The King) has passed away, you are on your way to find him a peaceful resting place when suddenly his spirit rises from the coffin (Chariot) and begins to complain about said burial place. He goes on to explain that he wishes to be buried along with all his treasure and wealth, being the good princess you are you follow his wishes. At this point you can start co-op mode, which I did, this in turn spawns in a prince to work by your side and help with the many puzzles you’re going to be faced with while collecting gems and other riches along the way.

I found the music and colours of Chariot pleasant and tuneful, with soft medieval music playing in the background and a bright colourful layout which was heart warming as you controlled the adorable characters – it all fits perfectly with the theme of the game.

As I was playing I did come across certain gems that could only be collected with another player, I remember spending around twenty minutes concucting plans in order to reach this seemingly unreachable gem, but after a very tactical discussion it was collected and I moved » Continue Reading.

The Wolf Among Us Review


I’ve always enjoyed point and click adventures, all the way back to Simon the Sorcerer, there is just something about them, so it naturally I found myself drawn to the Telltale titles on the Xbox 360, I loved the Walking Dead, but missed the boat when it came to The Wolf Among Us so I was pretty pleased when they announced the game was coming to the Xbox One.

For those of you that don’t know, The Wolf Among us is a fictional Graphic Adventure based on Bill Willinghams’s Fables comic book series. Based over 5 episodes this acts a prequel to the comics so it’s a great place to start if you fancy getting into a new comic.

You play the game as Bigby Wolf, he is a reformed man after his violent past, and is now sheriff of Fabletown, he lives in apartment with Colin the pig and in the same block as Beauty, who is having a tough time of her marriage. He works near the Mayor’s Office who assistant is none other than Snow White and her magical mirror. As the story progresses you’ll encounter plenty of other fairytale characters in human form.

As you would expect from episodic content the episodes start quite slowly before building up to a blockbuster finish, this is no different. You begin the game by saving a prostitute from The Woodsman, where you take part in your first action sequence, it’s essentially a quick time event involving using the right stick to move the cursor to a certain are before pressing the button requested. They can be quite frantic and at first a little frustrating to control but they really enjoyable and keep the game interesting.

When you are not in the QTE’s you’ll be interacting with » Continue Reading.

Far Cry 4 Review


I remember buying Far Cry 2, sticking it into my Xbox 360 and lasting about 4 hours before having to turn it off, I got lost, died too often and didn’t really enjoy it, when the E3 trailers came out for Far Cry 4 I was so excited because my experience with Far Cry 3 was so good. I was looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft could do to capitalise on the success of Far Cry 3, join me as I venture to Kyrat…

The game revolves around Ajay Ghale, heading to your mother’s homeland to deliver her ashes in accordance with her dying wish. You are returning to Kyrat, deep in the Himalayas, it looks incredible except for the fact it’s completely war-torn and ran by an oppressive King called Pagan Min. There is a rebel force known as the Golden Path and they are out to stop the Kings reign. After an excellent intro to the game you end up as the person destined to lead the Golden Path to victory. A bit like on Far Cry 3 it’s a bit handy that Ajay is handy with a vast range of weapons, hard as nails and doesn’t have a fear or heights or animals straight from the off.

There are huge amounts of similarities to Far Cry 3 but thankfully enough change to keep things fresh for returning players, There is a huge amount of things to do in Kyrat, in terms of content it’s pretty impressive again. Hunting plays a huge part in the game and there is a great array of prey and various different plants, to culture into syringes for that will heal you and enhance your performance, so it’s always worth grabbing what you can. Killing and skinning animals allows you to increase » Continue Reading.