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Get apped with Fallout Pip-Boy


Pip-Boy may be a sensitive subjective for UK gamers, but for those lucky enough to have had their Pip-Boy edition confirmed, you might want to get yourself apped up for Fallout 4’s release and download the official Vault-Tec and RobCo Industries iOS and Android app.

You don’t need a wearable Pip-Boy to use the app either, although it does look pretty badass with the app running on your own personal Pip-Boy strapped to your arm. The app taps into your Fallout 4 progress displaying your stats, inventory, map, radio and holotape games – yes games – you can use your smartphone to play any one of the mini games found within the game.

New Xbox One guide takes best bits of Xbox 360 guide


Apparently it takes its inspiration from the Xbox 360 guide, although having used the new dash as part of the preview program, I fail to see the link with the old guide. Nonetheless, it’s been designed with the old 360 guide in mind – take a look at the video below and make your own mind up – you will get to see firsthand soon enough, the new dashboard launches November 12th.

Hopefully the kinks will be ironed out come launch, but I agree with Larry and Richard in the video below, the new guide is incredibly fast and far more intuitive and easy to manage, particularly the chat options. The best new feature is that party chat has been upped to twelve participants and notifications have seen a vast update by simply grouping your notifications.

New Xbox One Dashboard and Backwards Compatibility Coming Nov 12th

New dashboard

Some Xbox Preview members have been playing around with the new dashboard experience for a few weeks now but fret no further, everyone else, we finally have a confirmed release date for the new dashboard rolling out to everyone – November 12th.

During the Halo 5 live launch event, Phil Spencer revealed that backwards compatibility and the new Xbox experience is rolling out to everyone from November 12th.

Interested in seeing what the dashboard currently looks like? Check out our video tour below:

Microsoft ‘Edges’ out IE on Xbox One


We have high hopes for Xbox One’s largest overhaul to its UI, and unsurprising, the update doesn’t stop at the interface. As confirmed by the Microsoft Edge Dev account on twitter, it seems that the Internet Explorer app on Xbox One will be giving way to a version of Edge, let’s just hope you don’t have to use Kinect to draw on the pages!

#AskMSEdge @SHarshaT Yes, Edge will be coming to Xbox One

— Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) September 15, 2015


Dragon Age: Inquisition In the EA Access Vault now

Dragon age Inqisition

EA promised it and sure enough it has arrived, Dragon Age: Inquisition is in the EA Access Vault right now for you to download.

The third outing for the Bioware RPG was widely praised for its visuals, combat and story, and whilst The Witcher 3 might be top dog at the moment, Dragon Age fans are in for a treat if they haven’t already dived on in. In fact our very own Kris Winfield-Bennett said the following about the title in his review:

“Dragon Age: Inquisition may have had a lot to put right for Bioware fans, but Bioware didn’t shy away from the challenge. The final result is a fantastic title.”

So what are you waiting for? EA Access members, get downloading!

Say farewell to Xbox Music


If you happen to have a copy of Windows 10 then you might have noticed a link to “Groove Music”. Clicking on this link though surprisingly takes you to the existing Xbox Music app. After lots of questions Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox Music brand we have all come to love or hate is being ditched and replaced with the new name “Groove”. However as you can clearly see from the welcome screen it states Groove Music, but Microsoft have stated this is an error and will be changed in the next update.

So what can Windows 10 users expect to see in the new Groove app:

    The Look and Feel: Groove provides an improved experience for listening to and managing your music in Windows 10. Getting into music is faster than ever with easy-to-use menus and navigation controls that work well with both mouse/keyboard, and with familiar touch gestures on touch-screen devices. Pinch to zoom in or out of different views, drag your favorite tracks in to playlists, hover over the Taskbar icon for playback controls, or right click for contextual menus to pin an album to your Start menu. And you can also infuse your personality in to Groove – choose a light or dark theme for the app depending on your mood, or pick an accent color in Windows Settings and the Groove app makes it shine. Accessing Your Music on your favorite devices: We’re also making it easy to access your content across your favorite devices – with built-in OneDrive integration making your favorite songs only a few clicks away. Upload all your MP3’s to OneDrive, even songs purchased from iTunes, and access them all for free with the Groove app on your Windows devices, Xbox, the web — » Continue Reading.

Xbox One update rolling out today

Xbox One Update Screen

Xbox One owners should keep their eyes peeled for an update rolling out today.

There are no user-facing features, however.

” This update prepares for game streaming to Windows 10 (launching July 29th) and our upcoming Backward Compatibility feature launching in a few months.” so says Major Nelson on his blog.

And why will there be no new features in this update? Well because Microsoft are busy with “…the team focuses on the New Xbox One Experience that will be available later this year.”

So nothing to get too excited about it seems, although the last update that was announced as having no user-facing features did sneak in backwards compatibility, so who knows. Perhaps preview members will get a bunch of new Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles to play. We live in hope, and will be investigating our own machines later today to see if anything new has popped up.


New Xbox One owners still getting dashboard tile image problems


The Xbox One has been out since November 2013, and yet a common problem still remains largely unaddressed or supported by both Xbox and BT. New Xbox One owners get an imageless dashboard – the tiles load, but no game or advert images load – a blessing and a curse!

The problem could eventually be resolved in the upcoming dashboard revamp, but for now, those using BT’s homehub 5 are primarily affected and may find that their dashboard tiles remain blank unless they do one simple thing – open up the Internet Explorer app!

When launching Internet Explorer on your Xbox One, the BT homehub page should automatically load and all you need do is follow the onscreen prompts and login to your BT account. Once you’ve done this, and selected which options you’d like, reboot your console and just like magic the dashboard tiles will load!

Happy gaming!

UPDATE: If you want to go one step further and stop the homehub from misbehaving with other devices, be sure to check out this article and disable Smart Setup – thanks Gunzta!

Microsoft reveals details about new dashboard


After the dust settled from yesterday’s excitement, Microsoft revealed that a new look Xbox One dashboard would be released later this year.

The following is taken from Xbox Wire:

    A redesigned Home: We’ve redesigned Home to surface your most-used Xbox content. You can scroll vertically to see your recently played games with deeper information about the content and games you are using. You can see game DVR clips, achievements and add-ons for your games and can also quickly discover new content.
    A new guide: Gaming must-haves like friends, party invites and messages can be accessed directly from Home or while in a game. Scroll left from Home or double-tap the Xbox button while in a game and the guide will slide over on the left side of the screen. From here you can access gaming must-haves like your friends list, party invites, messages, and notifications.
    Community section: We’ve expanded upon the current Friends section so gamers can more quickly and easily access all their social activities. This includes the Activity Feed to see the latest updates from friends and game developers as well as What’s Trending on Xbox Live to interact with the most popular games and content currently on Xbox Live. Scroll right from Home to see what games your friends have been playing, interact with their posts and see the top things happening on Xbox Live right now.
    Xbox Avatars: We saw the passion from the community toward Xbox Avatars and are excited to bring them back in a more prominent way on Xbox One. We are modernizing the look of avatars with better image quality, keeping all the familiar customizations fans loved on Xbox 360.

Microsoft offers free EA Access


Every once in a while Microsoft surprise us with the odd email inviting people to take part in exclusive offers, Beta tests and trials and it looks like they have done it again.

If you own an Xbox One you might want to keep an eye on your inbox as it seems our friends at Microsoft have emailed selective members offering them 12 months free EA Access, but there is a catch as you have to refer a friend to buy a console.

Now this sort of offer has been going on for a long time in Xbox Live Rewards, where if you get a friend to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold you both receive a large sum of Microsoft credits as a thankyou, these can then be used to buy digital games and added content. So it looks like the net has been cast a little wider this time and maybe is the first part of the big push planned to promote EA Access over the coming 12 months.

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive an email, we don’t know what selection criteria Microsoft are using, you will receive a unique code at the bottom of the email which you have to enter to show you have referred your friend. On doing this though both of you will then receive a years worth of EA Access.

Sounds easy, but digging deeper there seems another catch, restricting you to which Xbox you have to buy and how you buy it. If you are lucky enough though to receive one of these emails then do let us know.

EA Access is the exclusive subscription service where you receive discounts on EA games, » Continue Reading.

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