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  • Gaming on the Go: the Xbox Mobile App and More

    As the use of phones and similar hardware grows, so too does the way you can use them. Gaming is one area experiencing a steady rise in popularity as mobile devices contain equatable power to many PCs and consoles. Popular Types of Mobile Gaming Digital downloads grant everybody with an internet connection the means to […]

  • Five Best Xbox One RPGs

    Many RPGs for Xbox One are Really Pretty Good. But others are more like Real Pure Gold. Here’s a look at five of the very best Xbox One role-playing games that you’re sure to want to check out. Image source: Diablo III This hack-and-slash action RPG is the third installment in the Diablo series […]

  • Would the Esports’ Industry be as popular without the help of Youtube and Twitch?

    Would the Esports’ Industry be as popular without the help of Youtube and Twitch?

    The popularity of esports have skyrocketed in recent years and it is largely down to vast improvements in the technology that underpins gaming. Competitive gaming could only begin in earnest when high-speed broadband was rolled out across the globe and the rise of social media has turned leading players into superstars. Yet the most important […]

  • Is Metal Gear Survive’s matchmaking broken?

    Is Metal Gear Survive’s matchmaking broken?

    If like us, you’ve become rather addicted to the wave-based defense building multiplayer mode of Salvage, then you may also be as frustrated as us too. It’s pretty clear that there is something wrong with Metal Gear Survive’s matchmaking. Unless you have a ready-made team of four, then you are at the mercy of sitting […]

  • Most Anticipated Games of the Year 2018

    Most Anticipated Games of the Year 2018

    New game plus is activated, it is now +2018. Happy New Game Plus to you all. Following on from TiX’s 2017 Game of the Year, we’d like to present our Most Anticipated Game 2018. The staff here at TiX were asked to provide a list of the games they are most looking forward to this […]

  • TiX’s GOTY 2017

    TiX’s GOTY 2017

    Ever since TiX went multiplatform this year, it was clear that one game would shoot right into some of the teams GOTY lists for 2017. I mentioned in my nominations that the chances are this would have been close to the top of my list, but having not finished the game it was unfair to […]

  • Dave’s GOTY 2017

    Dave’s GOTY 2017

    This year has been a weird one for me, I’ve started a lot of games and not finished as many as I should have done. Luckily, I have played some fantastic titles. 5th – Injustice 2 I’m by no means a huge fighting games fan, but when I got the chance to review Injustice 2, […]

  • Rich’s GOTY

    Rich’s GOTY

    It’s hard not to let my fanboy enthusiasm get in the way of my GOTY choice this year – and I do love Assassins Creed. It started slowly with the game asking many questions as to whether it is a ‘true’ Creed game, but my game of the year for 2017 is without a doubt […]

  • John’s GOTY 2017

    John’s GOTY 2017

    Game of the Year talk is, oddly enough, a year-round topic. I remember early on in 2017, March time, I remember saying to a few friends that I believed that Horizon: Zero Dawn wouldn’t be bettered this year. Also, that Resident Evil 7 was a return to form – even though it took me a […]

  • Simon’s GOTY 2017

    Simon’s GOTY 2017

    With 2018 nearly upon us, before embracing the new, it’s time to take a look back at 2017 and more specifically, what were my games of the year. So, with no further ado, in reverse order, I give you… 5th – Middle Earth: Shadow of War I love this game. The combat, the story all […]